Jackal Smashed Skulls At The Yost w/ Goshfather & Jinco

March 30, 2015 -

Louis Garcia

Once again the Daily Beat team was back in the heart of Santa Ana for another installment of White Rabbit Group's acclaimed Havoc Thursdays. They continue to impress us with their selection of music spanning a diverse range of EDM genres and showcasing the kids that are at the forefront of up-and-coming scene. This week was no difference as they brought Jackal out to give us a true run for our money with direct support from Goshfather & Jinco.

The night opened up with Thrillz as he dabbled in some expressive styles of electronic music. Out of all the openers I've witnessed at The Yost this kid was hands down the best. He was able to pump the crowd into action from the get go while respecting his spot as an opening act. He took on trap and deep house music which later transformed into pure epicness with several hybrid trap tunes. It felt as though every time I focused on what he was playing he was already on to something new, a skill that is extremely respectable.


Next up were the dynamic powerhouse duo that is currently taking the trap game and your mom's pants by storm- of course we're talking about Victor and Jeremy of Goshfather & Jinco. These Cali natives have aligned themselves perfectly with the scene getting support from some of the biggest blogs and DJs. Finally they've landed back at the Yost with some new tricks up their sleeves.


The performance encompassed many BPMs and genres, as many people are beginning to expect this from club DJs. The difference with Goshfather & Jinco is that they didn't just hit diversity for the sake of it, instead they did it in a way that gave us a taste of their influence while feeding us with a ton of originals (most of which are probably IDs). After roaming the territory of jersey club and booty bounce house they finally dropped one of my personal favorites, their remix collaboration with JayKode of Jennifer Paige's Crush (originally from Jai Paul). They eventually went on to hit us with an epic edit of System of a Down's Chop Suey leaving us with a tear jerking moment that made everybody grab a brush and put a little makeup.


By this time the club was packed with people hanging from the dance floor to the balcony, lined up at every bar, and packed like sardines in the outside patio. It's nights like these that bring on the most anticipation for the final act of the night. Most nightclubs are filled with people who are more concerned about the social environment rather than the music and performers at hand. No longer are we in a place where everyone is intoxicated and unaware of the DJ. Okay well most people were intoxicated, but it was for a good reason. We all knew what was coming. And after seeing how f*cking crazy the two openers were we knew whoever this Jackal guy was had better be impressive. The hopes were high and the performance was nothing short of ridiculous.


Mikey Pennington celebrated his 25th birthday in style as the bright LED visuals lit up the club in display of his artist name Jackal, which also means a dog-like carnivorous animal. Right off the bat this kid dropped bombs on the place with recognizable hits like Diplo's Earthquake and Snoop Dogg's Drop It Like It's Hot. His knack for hard cuts made the drops sneaky and left little room for breakdowns. He spun a ton of originals and unreleased music that gave his set a personal feel in between all the crowd pleasures. With a two hour set on his hands Jackal was able to progress into some deeper sounds playing music from the likes of Jauz and Tchami. Looking around, the crowd could not get enough as they continued to bounce with everything Jackal played, including the heavy Doctor P-esque dubstep tracks. It didn't take long for him to build trust in the audience and throughout the night he continued to surprise us with his selection of dirty club jams.


I've always enjoyed Jackal's music but I never knew what he would be like live. His set was extremely impressive and upon having my face melted in the center of the dance floor, I realized what White Rabbit Group was trying to achieve. They gave Jackal a hand by introducing his name and music to a packed club of people that have already built trust in WRG's weekly event. Whether anyone knew who he was or not didn't matter because for the two hours that he had control there was a strong reinforcement of trust and respect for Havoc. I came out of there talking to other Daily Beat members telling them that there's no way they booked this guy just for his name. There's a billion other DJs who could have headlined and brought a crowd. Instead WRG booked their headliner based on his talent and left everyone completely shocked at how perfectly it fell in place. With that we left Santa Ana wanting more, which we'll be receiving with this month's incredible lineup...

Photography by Scotch Photos


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