Interview: Mark Daisy Reveals 'Daisyland' With The First Taste Of This World Being 'Runaway'

July 6, 2023 -

Justin Angle

In the dynamic sphere of music, Mark Daisy's debut, "Runaway," crafts an ethereal experience that transcends the ordinary. This masterstroke of an album plunges listeners into the euphoric ambience of Daisyland—a paradise blooming with prismatic rainbows, hypnotic colors, and harmonious Speaker Creatures.

Daisy's unmatched artistry takes center stage as showcases his vision to the world, guiding listeners through this sonic odyssey. The captivating allure of Daisyland, encapsulated in "Runaway," immerses listeners in a symphony of vibrant melodies intertwined with introspective sound design. The result is a blissful escape into a dreamlike sanctuary of pure joy, powered by the bubble-filled Daisy-Mobile.

Daisy's collaboration with lauded talents—Nicky Night Time, Noah Schy, and Nate Alford—has put the work in to lay down a foundation of experience that has lead to this moment in time. From start to finish, "Runaway," propels listeners into a realm of musical nirvana that resonates deeply and stirs the senses.

Mark Daisy's debut is not just a first release, it's a clarion call to all who seek solace in music's embrace. "Runaway" awakens a uniquely creative vision, as it transports listeners on a transcendent journey that brings a beautiful vision to life. Welcome to Daisyland: the auditory Eden where music and imagination collide.

See the interview below chatting about his creative process, his journey, and more.

Exclusive Interview

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as a dance artist?

I first fell in love with the energy. And it’s ability to just transport you. I used to do a ton of coding/computer stuff -- I would code late into the night and dance music was my constant, energizing companion.

Growing up and through my early twenties I played and studied jazz, mostly trumpet and piano, though I was ever was inspired to make my own. But dance music? I knew immediately I wanted to also create my own. It’s also been fun to see how coding and making music can both put you into such an incredible flow state. I hope my music can help people find that in their own lives.

How do you approach collaborations and what do you look for in a creative partner?

For me, working with others is one of the best parts of creating music (or anything really). Learning from each other, watching your ideas take on new life through someone else’s eyes (or ears) and getting to feel like you are building something together - so amazing.

I look for people who love to work with other people. Ideally they think a little bit differently than me. They get really energized and excited about things. Our backgrounds or tastes can be totally different -- ultimately what matters is our commitment to being good to each other and the project.

What inspired you to create Daisyland and release "Runaway" as your debut single?

From the beginning, this project was about the joy of being alive. I didn’t want it to be too serious or us to take ourselves too seriously. Once the music started coming together, Daisyland insisted on coming alive in our imaginations. This music needed a place where all was possible, where joy and play and delight are woven into every moment. Our toddler says all she wants to do is “Play play play” - I say let’s all go live that in Daisyland.

Runaway is the perfect single to showcase the zest and spirit of the whole Mark Daisy project. It’s a reminder that we can take a break from the stressors, that we can always tune into our bodies and into our incredible capacity for joy. It’s not about running away from what we might be dealing with - it’s a reminder that if we seek it, those playful, healing moments are available to us - even if for 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

Could you share some insights into the creative process behind "Runaway" and the themes it explores?

Runaway was the quickest record we made on the Daisyland album. It revealed itself fully in a couple hours which actually might be the magic of the song. It’s not weighed down by much - a short lyric and playful beat. I think it’s the perfect song for the Speaker Creatures that live in Daisyland. We joke they are a combo of a toddler, puppy dog and a rave. Wouldn’t we all do better to have a little bit of those characteristics mixed into us?

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