An Interview with: Cristoph [+ Latest EP Release]

June 17, 2014 -

Oli Fletcher

We have a treat for you guys here today. If you enjoy your deep house, then you definitely should have heard of Cristoph. One of the most exciting and talented artists in the UK, who is rapidly making a surge into the deep house genre, quickly gaining worldwide recognition.

Cristoph has released a plethora of tracks in the last few months, each equalling the quality of the last. Many signed with various different labels, notably with Defected, arguably one of the most well-reputed labels in the scene.

Cristoph has just released his latest EP, including the tracks "Groove In Me" and "Should Have Known" - available to preorder from Beatport here.

Following his work with Defected, I caught up with him and got to ask a few questions - so here they are:

Firstly, how did you get into music production?

I had been djing for a number of years around Newcastle, with the odd gig abroad and I just realised that in order for me to reach where I wanted to be within the industry that I needed to start producing. I started off by making bootlegs and edits just to get used to working on a DAW. Soon after I decided to stop going out socialising and spend all my free time researching, self educating and producing music from scratch.


Did you have any particular influences/idols within the music world growing up?

A lot of artists have influenced me over the years, people like Giorgio Moroder, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson to more modern day artists like Maya Jane Coles, Eric Prydz and Hot Since 82. I don't think I can choose just one or two in particular.


You’ve taken the house music genre by storm with a variety of huge tracks; do you find it a challenge to maintain?

To be honest I haven't really thought about it. I'm just really enjoying what I'm doing at the moment and just write music I like or want to play out. Sometimes when people are wanting another 'Guffaz' or 'Shelter' I feel pressurised into writing a specific style of track which doesn't give me much freedom at the time. However, I definitely won't complain about it as it tells me people enjoy those tracks and also not many people get the opportunity to do their dream job.


Newcastle is renowned for its nightlife. Would you say being based around there was pivotal in your decision to break into the DJ/production world?

Newcastle is an amazing city for going out and partying. However, the house music scene has been up and down over the years. I have always been one to stick to my guns so have never been swayed by the change in music trends here and have always played house music as thats what I love. The Shindig is one night that I have been lucky to have in my home city and through this I have seen some of the world's greatest DJ's who have no doubt had a major influence on my productions and desire to become a more well known DJ/Producer.


You’ve recently released a set of tracks on DFTD a sub-label of Defected, along with an opening mix. How do you feel about being involved with arguably one of the biggest house labels around at the moment?

I'm asked this quite often and I have to admit it's all still seems so surreal. I've followed the label ever since it set up in 1999 buying many of their vinyls. It has many releases from my heroes so to be a part of that is a dream come true. They really are an amazing label and basically one big family. They make you feel so comfortable and welcomed and for me that has really helped this first year being involved in the industry.


You’ve also been involved in some huge events, who (if you have one) was your favourite artist/act to play alongside?

I don't think I could choose just one, simply because there are so many great artists about and I have a huge respect for them all. However, at WeAre Festival both Huxley and Nick Curly's sets in the Defected tent were amazing.


“Shelter” is one of my favourite EP’s at the moment, each track felt like a masterpiece, are there any points when you finish off an EP and think, “there’s nothing more I can do with this”?

I try not to dwell on a particular track for too long, simply because I'll end up picking at it for weeks and weeks and more than likely end up scrapping it. The 'Shelter EP' wasn't written as a specific EP, I just wrote each track separately and all were what I was feeling that day in the studio. All apart from 'Shelter' itself. My manager Kal, who owns Underground Audio (the label its signed to), specifically asked for that style of track, so i wrote it for him and the label in particular.


Finally, I’m certain you have a bright future ahead of you, but do you have any particular plans at the moment, or do you like to just take it step by step?

I have a set of goals which both Kal and I add to probably each month, whether it be certain gigs I want to play or labels we want to sign too. It keeps me motivated and determined to keep on improving and reaching where I want to be. Other than that I take everything else as it comes, I'm doing my dream job so just enjoying every minute of it.


So, all I can say from here, is if you haven't heard of Cristoph, go listen to him! One of my favourite artists at the moment, and truly a musical prodigy.

Special thanks to The Underground for making this possible - go check their Soundcloud page out here.


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