Interview: Boy Willows Discusses New Single "Greyhound"

November 20, 2019 -

Daily Beat Staff

In recent years Boy Willows has earned a solid reputation for his keen ability to blur the line between genres. His honest and authentic songwriting carries a nostalgic vibe yet innovative edge that pushes the boundaries of modern sound. Fusing together a diverse palette of genres including indie electronica, hip-hop, and folk his creative edge has helped him gain millions of digital streams.

Boy Willows recently released his dynamic new single “Greyhound” featuring rapper Elais Park. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Boy Willows in support of the release for his new single.

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What was it like collaborating with Elais Park on "Greyhound"? 

We’ve been friends for years but this was one of the first times we interacted as music buddies. It’s great cuz there’s no sugar coating with him. We get into this manic state where there’s nothing else outside of the room and we just lose our minds a bit. It’s the best.

What made you want to create the soon to be released music video for "Greyhound"? 

We actually made the video the same day we made the song. We were just like, how do we want to expand on this vibe - so for the video we made a makeshift green screen, grabbed a mirror and danced in the same room we made the song in.

What inspires you to want to make music? 

I want to make music because it’s my therapy. I get to play both parts and ask myself how I’m doing. Then It’s usually some fictional movie scene I make in my head regarding some profound or simple thing that happened to me. I just try to describe that movie in words.

How would you describe your sound? 

I call it experimental folk because it always starts as a story and a guitar but once I chop it up in Ableton it’s too weird to call it folk.

Who or what are your greatest musical influences? 

Toro y Moi, KT Tunstall, Jose Gonzalez, The Kinks, Missy Elliot, and 2002-2007 Jason Mraz

What are you planning for 2020 and beyond? 

2020 is when I show people the world of willows. A lot of visuals with a lot of music to let people know what’s going on in my head. Possibly a goddamn album. Trying to get this community of beautiful humans together.

Listen to "Greyhound" on Spotify here.

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