Infected Mushroom: A Discourse on Their Sound, Their Tastes, and of What Is To Come

November 17, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

On the night before Halloween, legendary psychedelic trance -- more colloquially referred to as "psy-trance" -- duo Infected Mushroom made a stop at Spin Nightclub in San Diego, California on their current tour of the United States. Prior to their high-energy live-set, we were given a sneak-peak into upcoming releases, superpowers, and what you should expect from their tour. For more info on all the juicy details, keep scrolling.

DB: How would you describe your sound in five words, or less? At what BPM does your heart beat?

Infected: Psychedelic, trance, amazing... amazing, amazing. I would go with 140 to 145.

DB: Who are your current favorites in the music industry? Doesn't have to be EDM.

Infected: Knife Party, Savant, and Tove Lo. But we listen to everything, you know.

DB: Who are your all-time favorites? Also doesn't have to be EDM.

Infected: Queen, Depeche Mode, System of a Down.

DB: I've heard your remixes of Riders on the Storm and The Pretender, would you do a remix of a Queen song?

Infected: We've thought about it. It's hard to take on, because the vocalist is irreplaceable. That's why, if we were to take it on, we'd want to use his vocals.

DB: Who would you regard as your main source of inspiration that shaped you into the person/musician that you are today?

Infected: I don't think there's one -- there's many. So many musicians shaped us into who we are today. I think that if anything shaped our early days it would be the radio, music reality shows, MTV. So, yeah. So many things: travelling, parties, you know, everything shaped us and our sound.

We're talking pre-"16 and Pregnant." Photo courtesy of MTV.

You know, pre-"16 and Pregnant." Photo courtesy of MTV.

DB: Where are your favorite places in the US to perform? And to what audience?

Infected: Well, we'll start with LA, because it's our most favorite place. San Diego is pretty dope. San Francisco, New York, our main city Chicago, Detroit, Boston. We love the United States; we live here. And yeah, it's just great.

DB: I got to see you at EDC this year in Las Vegas; how was that for you?

Infected: Insomniac's EDC. We've been performing for them for the last twelve years. And we love it. This year was particularly special for us, because we played at the dubstep stage. I think we did a pretty good job with that area. It's fun; we've done almost everything at EDC, from the live acts to the deejay sets. The scene's definitely changed.

DB: Which tracks are you the most proud of? 

Infected: We're not proud of anything! We wouldn't call it something to be proud of. We like most of the tracks, and each year we like something better. There's always a new favorite, and everyone has a big favorite, because they don't stick to a particular genre. At the time when we did "Heavyweight,"  the crowd really liked it because it was perfect for trance. We're generally not proud of anything. Most Infected Mushroom fans got into Infected Mushroom from "Vicious Delicious," our first album released in America. Out here, we didn't know what we were doing, and what came of it was Vicious Delicious. This album is filled with Infected Mushroom "hits," if you will. "IM the Supervisor" is particularly close to us because it was our last album released in Israel.

DB: What should fans expect from this US Tour that you are currently on?

Infected: This US tour is the "Back-To-The-Band" tour. We've done the spheres, the big projector and screens kinda thing, and that's going on vacation. This is the old-school band vibe with drums and guitars,  and everything. We're coming out with a new show next year that has a kind of Burning Man vibe to it. This tour is fun, and is the original band vibe that we're having fun with.

Fungusamongus Tour: Avalon, LA. December 2012. Photo courtesy of Jason Fenmore, OHDAGYO Photography.

Fungusamongus Tour: Avalon, LA. December 2012. Photo courtesy of Jason Fenmore, OHDAGYO Photography.

DB: Since the release of "Army of Mushrooms" in 2012, will you be releasing a new album in the near future?

Infected: So we've released three EP's since then, "Friends on Mushrooms," which will come as a CD on Thanksgiving, with new tracks. And, in April 2015, a brand new "Converting Vegetarians" CD. So, two!

DB: And if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Amit: I would teleport. It's the best superpower!

Erez: I'd like to time travel.

Amit: Time travel, dude? What would you want time travel for? TIME travel? Screw that, dude.

Erez: I'd want to go to the future.

Amit: BUT YOU CAN'T TELEPORT! You're rich. You're sitting at home. You're gonna be bored at home like, "Damn, I should have picked teleport." How would you get around?

Superpower-tastes aside, this will be a tour that you will not want to miss. Fellow Californians, be sure to catch them in December at Avalon, LA on the 20th and at The Regency Ballroom, SF on the 26th.

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