'I Must Have Went To House Heaven, Because Nothing Is That Divine'

February 14, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

Today has been a great day for some throwback tunes, so I've brought to you a track with the a very different feel to it, to continue the trend. 'Divine' by Meat Katie & Elite Force is a track which manages to remain both incredibly unknown, but instantly recognisable at the same time, largely due to the famous speech over the top from Roland Clark. Clark's speech over the top of the duo's breakbeat rhythms has been sampled on a ton of different records, but probably most famously by Pete Tong, in the intro to his Friday Night/Saturday Morning BBC Radio One Essential Mix. Many of you Joris Voorn fans might recognise Clarks voice from his remix of DJ Le Roi's 'I Get Deep', another track where listeners are pulled in by his trance inducing vocals.

I definitely couldn't call myself a fan of the Breakbeat Genre, because I've never really explored it as a style, but it was Clark's incredible lyrics which really appealed to me in this track. He explains perfectly the effect house music can have on a person, and really summed up for me the feelings I've had whilst seeing some incredible DJ's play. Clark concludes, "It was all about House Music, it was that thing that we share", and this speech is something I'd really like to share with all of you guys today!

-Finn Lurcott

Last night I had a vision of a disco in the sky, I saw angels and saints dancing together. Like the mystical dream it clouded my mind but I remembered to move, I remembered that groove, I remembered the thump of the bass and the pump of the kick, because my heart was almost out my body and I felt free, I felt joy, I felt things I never thought I’d feel before. It was deep it was soulful, it was techno, it was disco, a kaleidoscope of sounds, it was truly underground. It was an essential mix in the cloud where we could dance and sing out loud. It was New York, Ibiza and Miami all wrapped up into one. There were speakers the size of skyscrapers and the stars they flickered like strobes, and everybody loved everybody else. There was no hurt there was no sorrow there was no pain; and like children we danced and we laughed and we played. Without a care in the world, without a flicker of despair, it was all about house music, it was that thing that we shared. A tribal beast of rhythm, a ceremony of sound, the gathering of the spirits that would lift us off the ground, my vision was so clear, but it was still hazy in my mind, I must have went to house heaven, because nothing's that divine.

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