How One N Only Changed the Way I Go To Festivals

November 25, 2015 -


I like many of you have already begun to think towards next year’s EDC, and I honestly have no choice as my phone has been going off with group texts trying to organize and coordinate where we are all going to be staying and how we will be getting not only to Vegas, but back and forth to the event.  This seems to be the constant theme of every anticipated event, and I’m really starting to dread the weeks of stress and preplanning before the festival begins.  This year for Halloween I decided to pass the stress baton over to The One N Only Festival Travel Services, and after the weekend was over I was left wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner.

We arrived buzzing after the electric ride down from the Bay area, where we made lots of friends on the way.  The collection of travelers were from all walks of life and even though it felt as if a majority of them were repeat travelers or friends, they welcomed all the newcomers with warm smiles and huge hugs.  It was awesome to be around so many like minded people who were all looking for the most epic of Halloween adventures.  The good times flowed out of the bus and on into the hotel, which was easily one of the nicer hotels I’ve ever stayed at.


We stayed at the Hamptons in Highland, which was a few miles away from the home of Escape, the NOS center (a prime location), and a quick trip down the 10 freeway from Day of the Dead at the Fairplex.  We checked in and made our way to our room for the weekend.  Not only did we have our own room but there was a suite available to everyone to mingle and turn up in, which was a nice touch and brought everyone together before and after the event.

Getting the festival was pretty much a festival in itself.  Everyone got in the mood to party the moment the bus rolled away from the hotel parking lot.  With the music blasting and the good vibes coursing through the bus many of the travelers couldn’t wait for the event to start, and kicked off a dance party in the aisles.  Karen, Shannon, and the rest of the One N Only staff made sure that we were properly hydrated before we got off the bus by providing us plenty of life saving H2O.  It was a nice touch to show the commitment One N Only takes to ensure the best experience and utmost safety of their travelers.


Getting back to the Hotel was an absolute breeze, and hands down my favorite part (the free breakfast was a close second) of the One N Only experience because I didn’t have to drive through the hellish post festival parking lot, which most of us know is a soul draining experience.  All in all Dailybeat and myself cannot thank One N Only Festival Travel Services enough for the incredible weekend.  I would definitely recommend One N Only to all my friends and I will continue to use them in my festival planning.   It’s not because of all the things they offer at face value, I mean sure the travel service to and from the festival, free breakfast, party suite, and your own hotel room are all reasons to throw your money at them with reckless abandon.  However, it’s the connections that will bring me back to One N Only again and again.

Karen and his staff go above and beyond for one simple reason, and that is to bring together like minded people and shatter the barriers of society that eventually lead to lifelong friendships.  So next festival leave the planning up to the professionals and enjoy it the One N Only way you should. Schlüsseldienst Berlin Lichtenberg helped with the organization.


You can follow The One N Only on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  And make sure you visit their website to see which of your favorite festivals ONO is rolling out to next

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