January 30, 2013 -

Christopher Lavinio

It is time for something extra special this time. The word "funky" describes aspects of a lot of my favorite music. I've thought about what funky means to me lately and I think it really just means that you feel whatever you're listening to so deeply and so strongly that it just rattles you to the core. Funk is that inexplicable feeling where your ears are screaming at your brain, "This is too much for me right now, but I fucking love it." Some people take drugs, some people listen to funk. If you take drugs and listen to funk, THEN you have finally got it.

You can certainly do one without the other, but why not experience them together and kill two birds with one stone.

The French sound is about to be revitalized through Daft Punk's epic return coming this spring. This is HUGE. They will redefine house music once again and totally alter the direction that the industry is headed in right now. Not that I have too much of a problem with it, but I think some reorientation could be great for the industry. Daft Punk will remind people what real house sounds like.


^ ^ I love French house! ^ ^

I've thought about the music on this sight, and I want to add in some historical context for all the funky house music that has been posted on this sight. There will be an old school treat at the end for you.

To start, here is "Counterclockwise" by Superfunk.

We shall continue the fucking funk. Right here baby. Here is another funky track, but this one has a newer school tinge to it. Behold: CASSIAN!

This is a bomb Australian producer who is up-and-coming right now.

Next, we have another funky ass track from Axel le Baron. This one is reall laid back, man.

I'm just going to keep going here...more French music

And lastly, here is the final track for this post by Louis La Roche.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom...

Enjoy this, and remember. Go Funk Yourself.


p.s. I meant to toss in an ACTUAL funk track from the 60/70s. Because we must pay homage to the legends.

Here is some Sly for you.

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