Flux Pavilion Details his Upcoming Album [INTERVIEW]

April 13, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

For years Circus Records has been invading Miami Music Week with it's showcase consisting of a line up suited for the bass Gods. This year's was no exception with Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, and co-founders Doctor P and Flux Pavilion dropping a ton of new tracks off the new album. After the madness subsided, Flux Pavilion was excited to share the news of his upcoming album with us and even went into what the label has been up to and who to watch out for this year.


DB: So how's your weekend been so far? How was the Circus Showcase?

It was awesome, yeah. We got the whole new album ready so every track was just going off really well even though no ones heard it before.

DB: What's the new album? What's the vibe?

Umm feeling, I guess. I want it to feel like what Flux Pavilion is. I feel like I kind of came out the block with a bunch of music and then was sort of just discovering new sounds. As I went on for a number of years and I found myself in a place where I didn't really know what Flux Pavilion felt like anymore, like the energy was like what is it so I want to record for me and for hopefully for everyone nails like this is what Flux Pavilion is not necessarily in sound, it's kind of like some of the tracks sound a bit older some of them are completely new things but I suppose I wanted to recreate what I love about electronic music in a time when there's quite a lot of, sort of, dispute over EDM and all these different sounds there's a lot of music that I don't like a lot that I do like. So rather than moan about it I should just counter act it by writing a record that I believe in. So, that's what I tried to do.

DB: Is it much different than the Freeway EP?

I think it's more diverse in way that there's different sorts of tempos and sounds and stuff but in terms of the actual energy of it, it's basically music to dance to. That's what we sort of wanted to achieve; music that would take you from sitting down to standing up because you can't help essentially. That's what got me into electronic music.

DB: Any collabs on the new album or coming up?

See I don't know what's confirmed but I've done a track with Soulsonic Force and we did that in New York and that was super cool. And then I have been working with Riff Raff as well on some music that's pretty cool as well. It's all sorts of different bits and pieces recently. But Soulsonic Force and Riff Raff on the same record it's quite nice.

DB: Is that coming out on the new album or is going to be a single or something later?

See there the things I have no idea yet. I make the music and then I work it out later.

DB: About Circus Records, what big things do you have coming?

So basically we've been putting our heads together over the past couple of years, keeping everything rolling doing our thing and it's like, 'Where do we want this to go?' and it feels like this year is now all of that coming to fruition. We got these guys called Diskord; they're like a UK sort of trap act but it's like trap done by a UK producer which it feels really fresh it's quite nice and this guy we just had him in studio in Miami for a couple days called Big Voyage and he comes from a jazz background he's a saxophonist, composer and pianist. Basically he's spent his whole life kind of living in jazz but is massive/biggest hip hop fan he knows all about hip hop and now he's starting to write electronic music, and yah know it just crosses all of those boundaries; It's what's great about D'Angelo hip hop kind of vibe but also what's kind of great about Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and hip hop and all of this stuff but done in a way that I would have never thought and I don't no one would have ever thought he's one of those genius dudes essentially.

DB: Any other guys that you've signed that you think are going to make a big splash?

So I've got my record, Doctor P has been hammering it in the studio and then Cookie Monsta and Funtcase are like the power 4 we've been working really hard too. There's another act called OutRun as well too which is like an extension of an 80's disco sort of sound but done in a Circus sort of way. It's all that French disco sort of stuff, like that but a bit more wild and upfront; A bit less looking cool in the club and a bit more like 'this is fucking mental' kind of vibe. So yeah, that's what working with us as well.

DB: The game over gambit with Razor and Borgore, how did that come to be? It looked a like a shit ton of fun.

We started working with Razor, who's basically a massive fan with anything to do with computers and technology and gaming and stuff like that then he approached me like let's do some work together, I was like, 'Cool, always a big fan of their stuff' and then they had this idea to do like gaming in real life. So that's what the idea of the video was. But then I had to play a show and it was all running late so I couldn't do the second game, the shooting thing so on the fly they decided to kill me. It was like a classic tv series to kill 'em off, so I got killed off.

DB: Can you tell us when the album is coming out?

I've actually got a track that I did with The Prodigy, which is coming out with their new album so that's coming out in 4 days so by the time this interview is going up it'll already be out, on the 30th of March. So yeah when I was working on that it was crazy because I was in the studio with The Soulsonic Force then go back to my hotel like talking to Liam over email it was like working on these 2 tracks it was a pretty crazy couple of days. But yeah that's coming out on his album. Then I've been working on so much stuff that isn't really a time scale the plan is to write as much music as possible and then when it's ready put it out. We're going to put out the first single from the record around may-time? I think is the plan and then we're doing a tour at the end of the year so the album will be out at some point this year. It's done pretty much, just a few more things to finish up.

DB: Are you going to play that tonight?

Well I have a half hour set, everyone has half an hour sets, there's so many people that you only get a half an hour slot so then rather than doing my normal set which is kind of like an adventure through the new record I'm just gonna blast out.


Photos by Steve Garfinkel Photography

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