Flux Pavilion- Blow the Roof (New EP) [BUY]

January 28, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Currently we are sitting at our desks watching the roof blow off the building. Okay, not really. However, those of you who listened to English dubstep producer and DJ, Flux Pavilion’s brand new EP released today, know exactly what we are talking about. Flux Pavilion released, “Blow The Roof” today on beatport ($11.99) and will soon be available on iTunes ($6.99). We downloaded the tracks and we must say a permanent smile has been plastered across our faces from the first track to the last and again on repeat. Flux Pavilion, who is best known for his track, “Bass Cannon” has hands down delivered a heavy bass packed, rhythm flowing, lyric filled, much anticipated EP.

The title track, “Blow the Roof” delivers the classic dubstep Flux Pavilion sound- the sound all you bass heads fiend for. There is no question as to why Flux decided to name the EP after this song. Flux adds a hint of hip-hop flavor when having Childish Gambino join the track titled, “Do or die” that leaves your head bobbing to the beat and your voice singing to the lyrics. What was a pleasant surprise to see on the track list was, “I still can’t stop.” This is taken from his previous track, “I can’t stop.” With similar sounds, it is a perfect continuum of the original. This next one was the first track Flux released for FREE earlier this month. “OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)” literally had us bouncing in our chairs. Coincidence that it repeats “bounce” 16 times? We think not. Our personal favorite track on the EP, “Scientist,” had us dancing on the train ride to work last Friday when UKF released the track on their YouTube channel. It was the perfect kick off to our weekend. We couldn’t be happier that Flux has ruined silence once again and we cannot wait to party it up with him at all the summer festivals! See you there!

Dear Flux Pavilion,

Can you please announce show dates?

Flux withdrawal sufferer

~XOXO abRAVEgirls


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