Five EDM-Themed Gifts to Replace Roses this Valentines Day

February 11, 2015 -

Will Cuccurullo

Valentine's Day is a time to show appreciation to your significant other through sharing gifts and experiences. Unfortunately, those gifts and experiences tend to be the stuff out of a hallmark card (check these out); items like chocolate and flowers are about as cliche as you can get. Nothing shows a lack of originality like giving a box of Ferrero Rocher on February 14th. The same can be said for a candlelit dinner at an overpriced restaurant. For those of us lucky enough to have a significant other whose into the electronic music scene, there are countless presents that will blow them away  more than roses ever could. Here are just some essentials that will please any raver or festival attendee.

1. Light Show Water Speakers


Even though they may not provide the producer-quality sound, it is impossible to deny the appeal of speakers that give a bass-driven light show. For most of us, the winter months mark a drought for festivals and the astonishing visuals. While its impossible to recreate that experience, some high-end water speakers have made me nostalgic of great lighting set-ups.  High-end versions do exist, but good quality water speakers can be found for as little as $30.


2. Go Pro


Lets face it, nobody wants to watch the low quality videos taken from your IPhone. Phone recording devices never do justice to the amazing light and sound quality you pay hundreds of dollars to see at festivals. For those of us tired of wondering what song is playing in videos because the recording's audio is drowning in bass, theirs multiple iterations of the GoPro. Anyone whose watched a video recorded on one can attest to the quality of this durable product. The cheapest GoPro (which records in 1080p) goes for $129.99, and has numerous accessories and video editing software options you can purchase later. Mounts can be purchased to provide perfect angles without needing to put your significant other on your shoulders for a two-hour set. There are few things better than sitting down with your girlfriend or boyfriend and reliving the breathtaking summer nights you shared together at an event.


3. Camelback


Everyone whose been to a festival has made their way to a front of a set, only to realize that not a single person has any water left. With water prices at most events reaching upwards of $5 per bottle, this gift is a no brainer for anyone who doesn't already own one. Even though roses may seem like a more romantic gesture, there are few gifts that will go more appreciated once those scalding festival days arrive. A camelback could easily be the most appreciated and practical gift you can give for Valentines Day.


4. Festival Apparel


These are perfect for anyone who wants to give a gift that's both personal and affordable. Websites like Etsy have multiple sellers than provide individualized festival apparel for both genders. Everything from spirit hoods to masks and tank tops can be found on the site, and some shops even place custom orders. Alternatively, getting your significant other merch from their favorite artist is never a bad option. Some of my personal favorite LED-infused apparel can be found here.


5. Festival Tickets

The most obvious gift on the list might just be the best you can give. There are few things that can trump sharing a festival experience with loved ones. Fortunately, Valentines Day arrives on the eve of festival season, with major presale and tier one tickets already available for sale. Many major US festivals have released preliminary lineups, meaning you can cater the experience to their personal taste in music. With the number of events that have sprouted up in recent years, finding the perfect one for you and your valentine couldn't be easier. Have a girlfriend or boyfriend who enjoy the outdoors? Festivals like Mysteryland and Electric Forest have weekend-long camping options that are unforgettable. For those on a budget, multi-day events exist for under $200. Moonrise Festival in Baltimore provides an EDC-caliber lineup for a fraction of the price. If your significant other enjoys genres other than EDM, festivals like Camp Bisco provide multi-genre lineups that would appease anyone with ears.


Happy Valentines Day, spread the love and good vibes.


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