Feint Collabs With Singer Josh Rubin On High-Energy Monstercat Single, 'Let Me Go'

February 24, 2023 -

Justin Angle

Nowadays, many artists prefer to play things safely and stick to one genre. However, every so often an artist comes around who tests the standard and fuses together different elements of music to create something special. This is what Feint and Josh Rubin have done in their new single, "Let Me Go", released on Monstercat.

"Let Me Go" is an auditory rollercoaster, melting together futuristic soundscapes and fueled by an electrifying DnB bassline. Throughout the track, Josh delivers compelling vocals that wash over listeners. Speaking on "Let Me Go", Josh says, “most of us can relate to a time when we held on too long to someone we knew deep down wasn’t right for us. It’s easy to get so comfortable with someone that you start to lose parts of yourself and it makes it that much harder to leave a bad situation. This song is about feeling like you want to walk away but can’t. Hoping that other person will give you a sign to help you make the hard choice of leaving.”

In its entirety, "Let Me Go" highlights just how innovative and talented Josh and Feint truly are. These same assets have led Josh to be supported by the likes of Dim Mak, Proximity, Lowly, and more. Similarly, Feint is one of Monstercat's longest-active artists and has showcased his DJing abilities at Rampage, Liquicity, and other flagship DnB events. Keep an eye out for Josh and Feint as they are sure to release more surprises during 2023.


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