Fedi Chill Brings Chill Multi-Genre Vibe To The Table In 'Our All'

April 8, 2022 -

Justin Angle

"Our All," bring together a solid blend of genre influences to render a vibe that's infectious and easy to come back to. Showcasing vocal dynamism with moments of soul, punk, and hip-hop on the vocal front, Fedi puts his hooks in the listener quickly just on this front alone. When it comes to the beat, there's plenty of surprises within, Fedi mashes sprinkled hi-hats and distorted guitar together to formulate a crossover beat that's simply grand. There's so much to love all at once in "Our All," showcasing the quality and originality that Fedi is capable of.

"Our All’ isn’t about lost love like many heartbreak ballads, instead it’s about love that remains regardless of how much those feeling it are desperate for it to subside. The first half of the chorus “if I f**k around and think of you once, then all (of) a sudden I’m done”, capturing this feeling"
- Fedi

Based in Australia and coming from a Lebanese background, the mesh of cultural influences he was surrounded by growing up has played as a positive in the context of his career undoubtedly. Fedi is a forward thinking individual, "Our All," is the most recent evidence as to why.


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