Factory 93's Little Secret (Project Festival)

October 22, 2018 -

Dani Dallas

After Factory 93's first annual Secret Project Festival, it is no wonder why more and more people are starting to say yes to techno. This two day event, held from October 13-14, was located in Chinatown's quickly expanding Naud Street neighborhood. The event presented attendees with a block party that went beyond just music, combining food and art into the experience as well. With the help of local vendors and artists, Secret Project was able to fuse multiple aspects of Downtown LA that its guests love; all the meanwhile set to the soundtrack of techno superstars.


Photo by Ivan Meneses

Factory 93 is no stranger to curating fantastic lineups that always leave music lovers coming back for more. For their newly pioneered event, Factory 93 presented the Chinatown area with a roster of world-class artists from around the globe. Secret Project showcased two unique stages for this event, naming each one after the surrounding festival streets. At the Spring Street Stage, located between the bridge on North Spring Street and hugging the LA River, artists such as Bonobo, Marcel Dettmann, the Pachanga Boys, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and many others, could be heard capturing the attention of their audiences with the rhythmic yet dramatic sounds of techno, house, and even disco.


Photo by Ivan Meneses

Just a short walk away from the Spring Street Stage, attendees were welcomed by the captivating Naud Street Stage. Constructed completely from shipping containers, this stage was home to some German favorites such as Roman Flügel and Stephan Bodzin, as well as Peggy Gou, the DJ and producer hailing from Korea whose skill has been quickly seizing the attention of audiences everywhere. In addition to these artists, the Naud Street Stage also saw the likes of Bicep and Tale of Us, whose beautifully captivating performances were the perfect way to round out the first night of Secret Project. 


Photo by Ivan Meneses

Bringing the festival to an unbelievable end at the Naud Street Stage was Carl Cox, who pleasantly surprised everyone with his appearance on the Secret Project lineup after it was believed he would not be returning to Los Angeles this year. After watching just one set from this undeniable legend, it is easy to determine why he has become such a prominent figure in the techno scene. From his seamless transitions to his impeccable song choices, every aspect of his performance had viewers mesmerized.


Photo by Ivan Meneses

Overall, Factory 93's Secret Project Festival was able to capture and bring to life the charming and simultaneously industrial characteristics that are commonly associated with the Downtown Los Angeles area. With the incorporation of street art, local vendors, and its prime location in Chinatown's quickly booming neighborhood, the event was able to create an intimate yet stimulating experience for all of the attendees of this premiere festival.

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