Exclusive Interview: Nause [04.29.14]

May 6, 2014 -

Shayne Gold

I had the chance to chat with Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja who form the up and coming Swedish duo, Nause. Currently signed to Universal Music, Nause just recently tore up The Guvernment Nightclub on April 26th in Toronto, in what now would seem to be a last ever appearance for the duo. Check out our exclusive interview with them below:

DB: Was this your first Toronto appearance guys/ How did you like the Guv?

It was the second time in Toronto and The Guvernment actually! We did a show together with Arty about a year ago, and it’s definitely one of the better clubs we’ve ever played!

DB: What first got you guys into the whole producing aspect/ What age did you start producing?

We started for fun about 7 years ago, probably spending around 10-20 minutes a day just playing around. It was when we started sending stuff to each other we thought “Why aren’t we doing this together?” After a year or two, we gave it a chance for real!

DB: What is your favourite program of choice to produce with/Any initial troubles when starting out?

The first DAW we started in was FL studio, and that’s still the main program we use. The reason is probably because it’s super fast to work in and pretty easy to get in to!

DB: Do either of you come from a musical background?

We both grew up with a lot of music surrounding us. Leo’s father is a classical pianist and Jacob’s dad wrote a lot of music! So that has for sure pushed us to some kind of musical interest.

DB: How old are you guys/ Did you drop out of school to produce full time?

We’re both 23 and have been doing this for about 3-4 years full time! Education is always important and we would never drop out without any safety. If you’re really into music, there are always courses you can take to implement with your interests!

DB: Describe your sound in 2 words?

Emotional, feelings.

DB: Who would you say your biggest inspirations are alive or dead?

I’m guessing we’re drawing inspiration from our surroundings, not trying to sound like someone else or doing what someone’s done before.

DB: If you could collab with anyone alive or dead who would it be?

Freddie Mercury!

DB: If you werent producing or DJing full time what do you think you would be doing?

Working with music in some other form, helping other talented people do what we believe in!

DB: Favourite city and club to play in?

It’s always something special playing in our hometown Stockholm!

DB: Where are the girls the craziest/ Groupies?

Every place is different and crazy in their own way, but I’m guessing places like Ibiza and Miami are pretty high on the list!

DB: Can you share any unreleased/ upcoming work with Daily Beat?

We’re releasing a new single in June called ‘Another You’, a song that’s been ready for a while and we’re super excited to be releasing it!

DB: What's the summer of 2014 looking like for you?

Just work I think! If we’re not in the studio, we’re out on the road!


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