Event Review: A-Trak @ City Hall Minneapols

June 18, 2014 -

Avery Danielle

Going into this show, I knew I was going to have the time of my life and that's where I stand with every A-Trak show!  When you've been a professional DJ since you were 12, people catch onto the fact that you are good and learn to expect a lot from you.  Fortunately for us, A-Trak has been dealing with this fact for 20 years and has never (well not yet at least) let me down.


Sound In Motion has yet again brought out another amazing artist to blow our minds and he did just that.  We all gathered at City Hall to get down to this genius but I am almost certain half of the people there had no idea what they were getting into.  I've come to realize that this in itself is the beauty of the Minneapolis EDM scene.  In retrospect, most of the people at the shows are just getting into the music so they are lucky enough to experience all of their "NEW" favorite DJ's live.  I can relate to that fully since that is what happened to me when I was working at Webster Hall in NYC.  You learn to find new music based on the people who are coming to your city and Minneapolis is great at that.


I arrived at the show pretty early simply because I was dreading a line.  We showed up and got in, in probably 5 minutes, which is almost unheard of at these shows.  Pause, I so miss the NYC/VIP treatment...Press & VIP's should never wait in a line!  I'm still trying to figure out why every club here mixes everyone together because whats the point of being on the list, if you have to wait the same amount of time as people who are not.  Any who, the fact we got in so rapidly had me a bit concerned about ticket sales, I kept asking my self  "how could A-Trak NOT be sold out?"  Well sure enough it wasn't but that didn't even matter because the people who were there, were there to get down and that was ever so apparent since literally everyone was grooving at 11 pm!


The night was full of awesome music from Zero Calories to Salva to A-trak.  It was a night of dancing and you could tell since not a single person was standing still.  At shows here, I notice there is a very distinct difference between the people who go to shows to be apart of the scene and those who go because you can tell every bone in their body wants to move to this music.  I am part of the second group and fully love that group, is the majority of the people who go to shows here!  Also I'm very aware of the "PLUR" movement but holy smokes, I've never seen a group of more kandied out, happy-go-lucky kids as I have in the twin cities!  These people are here to party and to make friends...that is it.  I suppose that's the case everywhere but here, it's on a WHOLE other level!


As the music continues and the kids keep raging, I look at my phone and it's time for A-Trak!  I have been anticipating this show for months so the fact it was finally here, well, I was pumped to say the least and yet again, dude delivers!  He managed to play the most incredible upbeat set I've personally ever heard him deliver!  FULL of music that I knew, mixed with the right amount of new music to keep you on your toes and wonder where he was going next.  Can we take a hot second to acknowledge A-Trak's insane scratching skills....!  I could listen to him on the decks for days.  He literally is whimsical when he plays and I've never seen a happier DJ period!  His smile had everyone else glowing and having the time of their lives.  I'm a big person on spreading positivity especially through music so watching someone do that, is always a treat!


Regardless, I left the show feeling amazing, uplifted and inspired for what is to come in the EDM world.  This is a feeling I've realized happens a lot when going to an A-Trak show.  It's always nice to see a DJ playing live and not just "pushing buttons". If you were not at this show, I am so sorry because you seriously missed out on such an awesome night!  I can not wait to see A-Trak again and if you haven't seen him yet, GO!  You will leave happier than ever and probably a bit sweaty because you have danced your ass off.  All in all...Minneapolis you were beautiful, A-Trak you were flawless and Avery had a brilliant night!

Photo Credit: Spencer Flohr Photography


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