Event Review: Thomas Jack @ The Fox (Boulder, CO)

February 17, 2015 -

Max Rosenbloom

When it was announced that Thomas Jack would be playing the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on February 6, I could not help but wonder if he would actually be there. In the past six months he had two shows scheduled in Colorado that I was set to go to, but they were canceled last minute. I listened to his tropical house mixes all of last summer, and was really looking forward to seeing him live. He was supposed to play a festival down in Denver called Cloak and Dagger, but had to cancel last minute due to visa conflicts, something that had plagued him in the past. A few weeks following that, he was supposed to play a show on the University of Colorado's campus, but once again visa conflicts prevented him from playing. By the time he had scheduled this show, he had his visa problems solved and was scheduled to play a bunch of shows in America. Boulder, Colorado has a lot of love for Thomas Jack, and showed it by selling out his show.

IMG_4315 copy

Personally, I have been to many shows at the Fox Theatre, but never have I seen it as tropical as it was on this night! I do not believe I have heard the word "tropical" in one night as many times as I did the night of the show. The crowd was really into the theme as well as the music. It truly created a great environment.

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Sam Feldt was the opener, and it was the fifth show that he had played in America. If you are not familiar with the Dutch producer, and you are a fan of tropical house, you should explore some of his music. He is someone who's popularity will increase as he plays more shows throughout America and as tropical house music continues to grow. Sam Feldt's set before Thomas Jack was so fire! He could do no wrong with each track that he played. He really set the mood well before Thomas Jack's set and the crowd gave him a very positive response when he was done.

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Thomas Jack did not disappoint the people in the crowd who had been waiting patiently for a long time to see him. He was noticeably fired up from start to finish, and really was feeling the positive energy in the building. His set seemingly only got better as it went on, and at the end he brought the house down. Boulder, Colorado is home to a view big stars in music. When other artists from out of town come to play, it is very reasonable to expect a guest appearance by someone local. In this case, Thomas Jack pulled out GRIZ and the crowd went absolutely nuts.


While GRIZ was laying it down on the saxophone, Thomas Jack came out from behind the tables, took off his boot, filled it with beer, and chugged it. In doing so, he perfectly capped of a night of tropical music, tropical clothing, and tropical dancing. Nights like these make me appreciate how great it is living in Boulder.

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