Event Review & Interview: Hardwell | Dyro | Dannic (Epic Minneapolis)

April 13, 2014 -

Avery Danielle

It’s a Thursday night, which in case you’ve never been to the state of Minnesota, is still a dead night downtown, but not this last Thursday night.  The Revealed North American Bus Tour was in town and not to my surprise had the entire downtown area of Minneapolis buzzing! I pulled into the city and turned onto the street that Epic Night Club is on and there was literally a line around the block, which are BIG blocks in comparison to a typical street,  normally filled with twins fans and the stereotypical “bros”  but Thursday night they were flooded, with neon and excited EDM fans.


We’ve been waiting for a big show for months around here, and we’ve had our fair share of great smaller shows but this, this was something else.  The number one DJ in the world, Hardwell, had decided to start his national bus tour in our quaint little town.

When I first heard the news I was skeptical, stoked that Hardwell was coming, didn’t know how I felt about the venue.  Ive been to quite a few shows in the twin cities, at a lot of different venues and I was quite shocked to see that Sound In Motion chose Epic but I quickly learned why they did.


I showed up at the show, and the security was awesome, which is not something I say often.  I was kindly greeted and let in immediately, which thank god, because I was running late for my interviews with Dyro and Dannic! Go figure, but with the help from Epic’s awesome staff and the extremely organized SIM team I was in and up stairs in 5 minutes! Nicely done!

When I got there I realized that these guys had a TON of press to do, so I wanted to keep it a little light hearted.  I wanted to actually get to know these guys and ask them some stuff that we may not ever get to know, SO! Here ya go, enjoy!

Dyro & Dannic Interview: with Avery Danielle


DB: If you could spend a day any where in the world where would it be and why?

Dyro: Bora Bora, just to step away from civilization and just relax for the first time in probably three years!

Dannic: I think, a lost island, like a special island with beautiful white beaches.


DB: You’ve been touring a lot the last 3 years, do you have a favorite tour/tour memory?

Dyro: My favorite tour was actually my very first tour in last Feburary.  We did a bus tour a year ago, exactly like this, it was the three of us, we did it in Canada, that was definitely my best tour memory!

Dannic: Definitely the Canadian bus tour we did last year, of course we’re doing the bus tour right now but that was the highlight of last year. Any memory, my first crowd surf was over there, it was like the third show we did and Hardwell grabed the mic and goes “Dannic is gonna crowd surf” and I was like “oh no I'm not going to crowd surf” but, in like, 5 seconds I was in the crowd, it was amazing.

DB: What are the essential things you need when starting your day?

Dyro: Water! Because I’m hung…..no haha. Actually, not that much, I’m really simple, usually I just pack my stuff grab my bag and head to the airport!

Dannic: I need to shower, like 20 minutes at least,.  Then I need to work on music, that’s what I do every day, all day long, always thinking about new stuff that I can use in my sets! I usually then work out a little, I need too, it’s good for my health especially with touring its so tiring sometimes, you need to keep the blood flowing.

DB: With your music, if you could spread one message to the masses what would it be and why?

Dannic: Wooh difficult question! I think that it would be, it sounds super corny, but that life is really good, just keep smiling and don’t worry to much, because you will not get old if you don’t worry to much.

DB: Do you think that there is a “best” form of social media, do you have a favorite platform?

Dannic: Im totally in love with twitter! I really enjoy it, its really easy and fast to use, and I can say what ever I want on twitter so its definitely my favorite.

Dyro: Well the thing is a lot of promoters still feed on what Facebook does, based off of likes and stuff still at the moment, but I think its dying and I really think that Instagram is coming up, so I think that Instagram is going to be the next big thing for social media platforms!


DB: If you could give any piece of advice to an upcoming DJ or Producer what would it be?

Dannic: Be sure to evolve your own sound.  Try and really come up with your own sound, really try to not copy any one else.

DB:Growing up did you play a musical instrument? Do you think that it is an advantage or disadvantage?

Dannic: I went straight to producing, I cant play piano, I just draw it. I don’t know,  I’ve always listened to music since I was little.  I played drums going up a little, but nothing fancy.

Dyro: I started making music 3 or 4 years ago, in the beginning it wasn't that serious it was more for messing around and having fun, but during the phase in life when most people were at university, like ages 17-18 is when I really started getting into and thats when I decided it was something I really wanted to do with my life.  I played a little bit of key board growing up, self taught, mostly on memory, but I honestly don't even know how to read notes.  Not even my family, we don't have a musical background at all. I don't find it hard in producing music I think its an advantage because you're not stuck to "rules" on how to make music.  You're not blinded on how to see or how to view music,  I'm really open minded I don't know whats right or wrong, just so long as it sounds good, thats kind of a privilege that I have!


DB: Do you have one, or a few musicians that you are inspired by/ that you draw inspiration from?

Dannic: Not really any one particular musician but Motown music in general, funk music, that’s something I really love, I think you can really hear that in my style as well.  I always try to keep the grove, keep it sexy!

DB: You are so young in the game, do you think that that is an advantage or disadvantage?

Dyro:  Now a days you see that the media for some reason likes to write about young guys, for instance, Martin Garix, 17 year old guy that dominates the world, that's news worthy.  So yes, in a way it can be beneficial but honestly I wouldn't want to be famous for that reason, I want to be known for my music, because its good music, not based on my age.

DB: Do you struggle to maintain friendships on the road?

Dannic: Ya, always, everyone thinks they want that rock and roll life, to be a Dj but its much harder than that.  It can be really lonely and it can be really hard to keep up with your friends and family of course.  When I'm at home, wow the last time I was home was four days ago but it was only for 2 days.  So I instantly meet up with my friends and have some quality time because its really important.  Its really difficult to be here with out my friends.

Dyro: The hardest part is being away from your family, its really really hard to maintain friendships.  I lost a lot of friends but I also gained a lot.  Thats the thing, you lose so many people, especially in the stage of life that I'm at.  When you're younger you don't really know what real friends are, verses those people just surrounding you.  Those are the first guys you lose, but then you really get to see who your real friends are.  You loose a lot, but its ok because the new friends you gain are all around the world, all have the same interest and same inspiration as you.

DB: Any last words for your fans?

Dannic: Thank you so much for all the continuous support, its been amazing.  Its great to see all the people with special t-shirts and stuff, and all of the love on twitter and stuff! Its been so amazing I'm just so grateful for it all!

Dyro: I'm just a normal guy who loves to make music and play to entertain the crowds! I love my fans, I can't thank everyone enough for where I am at the moment, I just hope to keep doing what I love and I hope that they keep supporting me!

So as you can tell, these two were more than willing to let us into their personal world.  After sitting down and talking to them it made their sets, which would already have been amazing, just that much more special!

The night over all, was incredible! Dannic started the night with an insanely up beat set to get us ready for the always amazing Hardwell who played second. Did you turn your head to that too? Well you're not alone, all of minnesota was pretty shocked to see that the "headliner" wasn't playing last, but after hearing Dyro's set, I totally understood why!


Hardwell of corse played his staple songs as well as dropping a few new ones on us!  I'll be honest, I wasn't as impressed with Hardwell's set as I had hoped to be.  I am not one of the die hard Hardwell fans, I have always strayed more towards Zedd, especially since they both came up strong at the same time, but I will say Hardwell left all of my friends speechless.  Maybe it was because I saw his Ultra set, and both seemed very similar, but that is just me!

Now I have never really listened to Dannic, but that is about to change! His energy was AMAZING!  I could not think of a better way to start a night! He is one of the Dj's who seems very honest when he's on stage.  A better way to phrase it might be that he seemed to give his whole heart in his set.  He left a solid mark on me, which after going to as many shows as I have, is starting to become more of a challenging thing.

I do have to say my highlight of the night was Dyro's set.  First of all, any man that wears a hat that says, "You can't sit with us" and actually knows its a Mean Girl's reference is 100 in my book.  Being said, I haven't heard that many tracks that I honestly didn't know in a really long time.  The fact that he seemed to bring a ton of new material to the table as well as mix a seamless set, left a very lasting impression on me!

All in all this was an amazing night, and it doesn't hurt that these boys are so humble, and quite beautiful if I do say so myself.  Epic, and its staff were great, and thats coming from someone who works in night life.  They were so helpful, so nice and so organized I was throughly impressed.  Sound In Motion, as always, delivered.  I don't know what the minnesota EDM scene would be like with out them.  They consistanly bring in huge acts, as well as new acts, keeping it a very balanced market here which is perfect for this always booming electronic scene.  And last but not least, Dyro and Dannic, a HUGE thank you to you two for sitting down and being so welcoming to me and really letting us into your world.

If you haven't heard about this tour, I would highly suggest hopping on the band wagon and getting your tickets! The three of them together bring so much energy to the stage and really do show you one hell of a night!  Oh and between Dannic and us, expect a track from the three of these guys again this year!

Over and out!

Photography by Nick Patton & Spencer Flohr


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