Event Review: Gent & Jawns @ REV - Minneapolis

May 22, 2014 -

Avery Danielle

Let me start this out with...if you were not there, you seriously messed up.  This power duo absolutely killed it yet again, even while being in Minnesota!  It has been almost two years since I last saw Gent & Jawns, so as you can imagine, my hopes were set super high for this show and they honestly surpassed all of my expectations.

Now to what is probably the highlight of my last couple of months; the insanely talented and tatted Gent & Jawns.  Let's get it out-of-the-way ladies, I know they are beautiful to look at and when you are dropping beats like they do, it becomes ridiculous in the best kind of way.  I, Avery Danielle, managed to make it all the way to the right front of house with my friends , next to the speakers and danced my ass off for the entire set.

Every time these two play together, they have this crazy connection that transcends through their music making everyone go nuts and be totally happy.  This is not easy and is rarely done by any duo acts today.   The power they bring to the stage takes over the crowd and puts them in total control of you.  I have danced my whole life and when you can play a set so seamlessly that I literally do not stop moving my body, you know you've got your shit figured out.


The one thing that I love the most about these two is they never play the same set.  I can admit, I run to their Ultra set every day but even when they played some of the songs I recognized from Ultra, I totally couldn't predict where they were going with it next.  That is the beautiful thing about mixing live and not having pre- recorded sets!  You honestly never know which way a crowd is gonna go.  Having the skill set to be able to change your flow at any minute is so essential and these two are just too good at it.

If you have never caught a Gent & Jawns show, I highly suggest you do so and soon!  I haven't danced that hard in ages and even through all of the bull shit the night handed us, I still left smiling.  I woke up this morning with my ears still ringing and "Turn up" still playing on repeat in my head.  Yet another stellar performance by two of my favorite gentleman in the industry.

GJ - 33

So after the perfect performance by two of my favorites in the industry, I only have one complaint and that is with the venue!!  It took a lot of strength to not leave before my boys played.  Every other Gent & Jawns or Sound In Motion show I've been to, has had nothing but positive vibes.  Get It Together REV and MAYBE cut people off when they are clearly too DRUNK to continue drinking so they don't ruin everyone's night!


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