Event Review: Escape JayTech, DJ Snake, Mercer & Zeds Dead

July 6, 2014 -

Avery Danielle

I want to start this off with a huge congratulations to the Sound In Motion team for pulling this off and an even bigger thank you to Diem for letting us cover all of the SIMs shows in the Twin Cities. With that being said, WOW!  I knew this was going to be an epic show but I clearly didn't know the lengths at which the SIM team and the Skyway Theater would go to make this night absolutely unforgettable.  Let me just say, well done guys, you did it!  First of all, THANK YOU for getting the line situation figured out!  I feel like every show I go to there is a consistent struggle to get in but this night was an exception.  There were two lines and multiple people taking care of tickets.  After I said I was on the guest list, a very kind SIM gentleman passed me right on to the list lady and BAM, I was in.  Talk about effortless...when I get into a show no problem, it's usually a sign of a very good night!

DJ Snake - Sound In Motion

I have a massive soft spot for the Skyway Theater and every time SIM announces a show there, my heart drops a little.  This venue is SICK and HUGE...with multiple levels with space enough for 4 stages with different vibes at every one!  It's like a mini festival...in a nice air-conditioned space!  I spent most of my night at the Main Stage mostly because I wanted to check out Jack Trash & Cities of Gold before seeing the two headliners.  Boy oh boy, was I impressed!  If you didn't know, Jack Trash is the master mind behind Sound In Motion and everything they do!  He is probably my favorite DJ coming out of the Twin Cities.  His sets are always seamless and I usually end up convincing my self that it is a headliner set because he always plays such an eclectic mix of music.  That being said, he isn't the headliner but damn well should be because he seriously can play anything and make it sound AWESOME!

DJ Snake - Sound In Motion

Any who, I usually check out the artists I'm going to see before going to see them...except with JayTech.  I had heard so much buzz around him lately that I wanted to go into his set 100% open-minded and ready for anything.  Let me tell you...that was a brilliant idea!  If you haven't noticed in my other writings, I am clearly a Trap girl who listens to more Hip-Hop than electronic music these days but I still am open to just about any kind of music.  JayTech brought me something I never thought I could like but I instantly, fell in love with him.  His set was full of music I had never heard before...spanning from genres all across the board.   Never have I witnessed someone mix progressive trance, minimal along with trap drops that felt like a consistent build up... that never let you down!  I was very amused to say the least!!  His set was a solid hour and a half which I was super amped about since I could not get enough of his music!  It was pretty mind-blowing and all I can say is that JayTech, has gained a new fan in me!!

DJ Snake - Sound In Motion

Then it was time for the highlight of the night, DJ Snake!  Lets just get it out-of-the-way... TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!!  Since that phrase has become my go to in my day-to-day life, you could say I was slightly excited to see Snake play.  I will say it now, since there is no reason to wait, HOLY Shit can this dude throw down a set!  I was literally dripping in sweat after about 10 minutes!  The energy he brought mixed with the excitement of the crowd, was undeniably some of the best vibes I've felt in Minnesota to date.  I was pleasantly surprised that Snake didn't pull a typical DJ move and play his "hit song" last and instead dropped it after about 20 minutes.

DJ Snake

Then the inevitable happened!  All of the goons who were there because they heard that song on the radio...left, leaving all of us true ravers to enjoy what turned out to be...a mind blowing show!  Usually at a trap show, I know just about every song being played but that was not the case this night.  Snake brought us SO MUCH NEW MUSIC that I filled up all of the memory on my phone.  I refused to leave and not have these songs at my access!!   Hey Snake, wanna drop some of those bangers on us so I can ditch the low quality iPhone Videos???!!!  I was also thoroughly impressed that he kept his shades on all night.  I love the sunglasses look and it made him look that much more BAD ASS!  I will say, I was a bit envious because good god...did those lights shine bright.  A big round of applause to Skyway Theater for that lighting set up.  Maybe I haven't paid that much attention to the lighting detail before but those things were going on Friday night and I wasn't mad at all!

DJ Snake

Day two got off to as good of a start as day one!  Quick entrance, no lines...it was smooth sailing!  I was pleasantly surprised to get through both nights effortlessly, so cheers to that!  We arrived a little late so we got there right as Mercer was going on and I could not have been more excited!  I had been anticipating this set for quite sometime.  I found Mercer on SoundCloud about 6 months ago and have been a huge fan of his music ever since!  He was everything I had hoped for and his set was nothing short of perfect!  I am quite obsessed with his new song 'Lunatic' with Snake so when he dropped that, my night went from 0 to 100 in a flash!  I just love the fact that he is from France.  After a visit to Paris, I became very interested in the French music culture and he certainly is a great example of what they have to bring!  His set in the end, was my favorite of the weekend.  I was thoroughly impressed!

DJ Snake

The night and weekend were rounded off by the one and only...Zeds Dead!  This duo is certainly a favorite of the twin cities with a sold out show last summer.  This set was nothing but pure perfection and I have learned to expect nothing less than that from this team.  Filled with old songs that brought me back to my days in NYC...to some new tracks that I am very eggar to hear throughout this year.   They brought to the table a well-rounded set that had the entire crowd going NUTS!  They even posted a photo to their Instagram right after the set saying it was the best night they have had yet in MPLS!  Represent Twin Cities!!!  Y0u brought such an amazing energy to the show, I was very proud to be there!

DJ Snake

I shall leave you with this, I had two of the greatest nights in Minneapolis with the SIM and Skyway teams. Snake, JayTec, Mercer, Zeds Dead and all of the other DJ's brought amazing sets that are going to stick with me for a long, long time!  If you weren't there, you quite possibly missed out on one of the most TURNT up nights I've seen in the Twin Cities!  Until next time...


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