Event Review: DJ Carnage's Minneapolis Debut @ Muse Event Center

February 14, 2014 -

Avery Danielle

"I'm not in the trap scene, the trap scene is in me". It was clear from the get that DJ Carnage was not only 100% confident with him self but he was ready to take on Minneapolis for the first time. I'll set the scene, it's -12 degrees (before wind chill) and there is a line of about 100 people out side of Muse Event Center.  Everyone we've walked by so far is more than amped, and less than clothed. You hear all the ravers talking about how excited they are to see Carnage, it was like the fact that we were in a frozen tundra was completely irrelevant. We quickly get inside to what is an already fully packed house and it was on!

Next thing you know we're downstairs and then all of a sudden it's go time!


Carnage is everything you would hope he'd be, such a humble guy who was really open to talk about anything and everything with us. We got into it right away, starting with the album.

"Its going to be a huge cluster f*ck, just the weirdest sh*t ever combined in one.  You know when you'd go to the soda machine, and you'd get a cup when you're little, and you'd put every soda in one, and sometimes it tasted like sh*t and sometimes it tasted kinda cool, well were gonna see what comes out hopefully it doesn't taste like sh*t". 

With his shades on and a bottle of goose in hand I could sense this was going to be fun.

As some of you know Carnage came from the world of Hip-hop and made a very effortless and smooth transition into EDM.  If you're anything like me, you wonder what makes people switch, to just one day wake up and have everything you worked for just change.  I awaited a long thought out answer and he just simply said "it's more fun".  You can't help but tell he is in fact, having so much fun.

After being in the room with him for five minutes its hard not to be mesmerized by what he is saying.  For 23 years old he certainly has wisdom beyond his years.  I always am curious to see and understand what's in the minds of these producers and Carnage without a doubt solidified why he is so respected. I asked him, "What do you prefer more, the producing aspect of EDM or the DJ performance part?"  It took him a few seconds to collect his thoughts and boldly replied with, "I'm just an artist, an all around artist." I have nothing but respect for people who fully encompass music as a whole. It's a hard thing to do, but Carnage has clearly nailed it.

"There is no fear, I only put out what I want to put out.  I haven't put out a lot of music ever so its never been like I put out music to just put out music, you know?  There are some guys that come out with big songs and they go number one on Beatport but, they live and then they are gone.  Every single Carnage fan knows every single song I've dropped. There are some DJ's that people forget about some of their songs, but everything I put out is me. I'd rather have that then have a song that blows up for a couple of months and then blows away, if you are a Carnage fan you will always know what Michael Jordan is."


He speaks with such confidence and his positivity is absolutely contagious.  All while sitting back in his chair, iPhone in hand, but his attention is 100 percent towards you.  I had one last important question for him ,something I find is the core root of any artist...

"If your music could spread a message to the masses what would it be and why?"

"Do what you want to do, just do it, you're not gonna live forever just f*cking do it!"

I couldn't help but be more than pleased with his simple but important response.  Everyone really can achieve their dreams, sometimes it takes path leaders like Carnage, but just know that you can do what ever you want to do, so long as you just do it! From Hip-Hop to Trans to everything he has cooked up for this new album we can't help but congratulate you for your clear success and great influence on the EDM scene.

It was honestly such a pleasure to sit down and pick the brain of someone who is so strongly making their mark on the music world, and with such ease too.

We headed back upstairs and its LIVE! The show is sold out, Carnage goes on and the crowd goes NUTS!  I've been to my fair share of Minneapolis shows, but this was something else.  He had everyone engaged and going as hard as they possibly could.  Sound In Motion really out did themselves with this one, Minneapolis needed Carnage and he fully delivered everything we expected!

-Photo & Video by Alan Taverna


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