Event Review: Bro Safari / Crnkn @ Avalon Hollywood

January 5, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

In another night of firsts for me, I got to see veteran bass peddler Bro Safari and his touring partner Crnkn at the famous Avalon nightclub in Hollywood last week. Before I get to their performances, it's worth noting that the local support DJ who opened the night was playing some seriously good tunes. Sweeping from moombahton to trap to house, this guy knew what he was doing and definitely could work the room. Somebody buy this guy a beer from us!


Now, to the main attractions. Crnkn's set was comprised mainly of trap and dubstep bangers, but he was clearly unafraid to jump between genres to keep the crowd guessing. He dropped several of his own remixes as well as unreleased material from other artists. Helping out with the MC duties was MC Sharpness, and his charismatic supplement to the night's show provided great photo ops as well as encouragement for stage dives and general rowdiness.


Crnkn played a roughly hour and a half set, and left Bro Safari a huge crowd to play to. Interspersed with robotic vocal samples, Bro Safari never let up the pressure for a moment. With his vast repertoire of original material dwelling mostly in the trap realm, he like Crnkn was not afraid to veer into moombahton and dubstep, unloading banger after banger for almost 2 hours.



The crowd loved it. So much so, in fact, that mosh pits began to break out every now and then. The scene got a little metal when UFO! came on to close the night and played a lot of hard dance, something I'm not personally into but that the crowd was going apeshit to. It was really cool to see a diverse range of genres represented through just three artists in one night. All in all, Bro Safari and Crnkn killed it and all I heard as I left the venue was how awesome the show was.

Peep the rest of the photos here!


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