The Electricity to Come from Lightning in a Bottle

April 15, 2019 -

Dani Dallas

It is that time of year again where desert dwellers and music lovers once again return home to none other than California's 2019 edition of Lightning in a Bottle. This year, the festivities will be taking place in Kern County's Buena Vista Lake from May 8th-13th. With this year's new venue and new dates, it can be certain that the Do LaB will also have some new surprises in store as well.


Lightning in a Bottle is truly an all-immersive festival with a little something for everybody to experience. Aside from an extensive lineup of music that includes a substantial number of impressive artists, this festival also offers a variety of workshops, talks and discussions, food and wellness workshops, health and healing sessions, and much more. For five days, LIB welcomes its guests with open arms and allows them the opportunity to fully delve in a world dedicated not only to music but also community, environment, and creativity.


In addition to the plethora of activities offered each day, the wonder of this festival is also in the dazzling art that can be found around each corner. There will be more than 40 artists this year turning blank canvases into murals and paintings as well as an art walk to display the finished pieces and a silent auction held on the last night of the event. There will also be performance art throughout the grounds as well as an array of new art installations. Not to mention, the stages at Lightning in a Bottle serve not only as a home for artists and dancers but as pieces of art themselves. From the Woogie to Lightning, Thunder to the Grand Artique or Pagoda, as well as the Favela and the Compass Music stage, the assortment of colors and intricate design of each area will leave visitors stunned.


Whether it's the music, art, activities, community, or a combination of all things LIB, there is a reason why it is said that this festival emanates a sense of magic. Each individual is guaranteed to have their own unique experience, while also simultaneously perceiving the strong sense of unity amongst friends and strangers alike who all come for the purpose of celebrating life. Gather up your camping gear and prepare for a transformative week with the Do LaB crew as Lightning in a Bottle is just around the bend. To join this year's festivities, purchase a pass here and to keep up to date with posts and updates about the festival click here. Also, check out some of the artists headlining this year's event below and prepare to be immersed in the music.

LIB 2019

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