Damo Cox Drops Moving 2-Track Release In 'Wub Me' EP, Released On His Own Label Sorta Kinda Music

August 2, 2023 -

Justin Angle

Let's dive right in. The Wub Me EP, Damo Cox's latest endeavor, is a minimal tech delight, ready for clubbers to lose themselves. The contrasting vibes of "Get With Me" and "Deep Wubs" offer an encapsulation of what nightlife truly means - from the frenzied allure to the deeper, introspective thoughts that haunt the hours before dawn.

Though he hails from Australia, one can't help but think Damo Cox is destined for something special worldwide. He's not some newbie DJ spinning tracks; he's been around the block, moving fluidly from deep bass line grooves to introspective deep house journeys. Hell, the man took a wakeboarding injury and flipped it into an electrifying music career. It’s the sort of reinvention that garners my respect.

His alliances with labels like WyldCard and Hot Sunday, not to mention his own label, Sorta Kinda Music, project a picture of an artist in charge, steering his ship amidst the tumultuous waters of the music industry. From a personal perspective, Damo Cox's refusal to be boxed into one style is refreshing. The guy's got game.

Damo Cox had a chat with us on many subjects, an exclusive interview is below that was a blast to create, thank you Damo. See the full interview below.


As an artist, how do you balance your role as a DJ, producer, and audio engineer? You have many hats! How does each aspect influence your day to day lifestyle?

I’m not sure I’ve found the perfect balance yet, but it has been a learning curve. DJing can have a certain lifestyle attached to it that can be at odds with running a business. I stopped drinking a while back, and this gave me back creative time and time to run the label that otherwise would have been spent having hangovers haha. I’m super grateful that my work is my passion, but you still need to switch off sometimes. So I make sure I schedule downtime where I do something unrelated to it all - get off grid and go somewhere where technology isn’t a distraction. The plus side to that is that those stints renew my creativity. I’ve been lucky too in finding someone equally passionate to help with the label, so being able to call in for backup makes a huge difference.

Do you have a favorite song off of the Wub Me EP? If so, why is that?

To be honest, it depends on my mood. Both tracks were made when I was going through a tough spot in my life, so they bring back memories of that time, both the good and the challenging. “Get With Me” is one that I enjoy playing out because it’s fun and feel good and “Deep Wubs” is low key so I listening to it when I’m just chilling out.

Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories or challenges you encountered during the production of the 'Wub Me EP'? How did you overcome them?

I’d had some personal challenges during that time, which affected everything, including my creativity. These tracks were part of my healing journey, both creatively and personally. Even then, it took me a long time to release both tracks, as I still had a lot of self doubt lingering. It was a bit of a rollercoaster!

Splendour in the Grass and Radio Metro's Global Island Party are renowned festivals where you've performed. How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist? What were takeaways from these events?

I love playing festivals! They always seem to bring something extra out of people. Maybe because all those people are there to enjoy the music and are dancing together, the vibes are always high. So you’re just running off all that energy from the crowd, it always leaves me wanting to learn more and be able to bring more to my set for the next time. It’s also an awesome place to meet other artists who are at all different stages of their musical journeys, and having the opportunity to share the stage with artists that you look up to or draw influence from is always a surreal experience.

With 'Wub Me EP' featuring house music, a genre known for its energetic and dancefloor-oriented sound, what do you believe makes your tracks stand out and connect with the listeners in this genre?

I really love having all sorts of weird, quirky, and glitchy sounds in my music, which kind of goes hand in hand with my personality haha! I think this definitely helps me to connect with ‘my people’ so to speak. I also like to keep my mind open to new ideas and different genres because I don’t like being restricted to a particular sound or formula.This also helps keep things fresh for listeners. I started off as a drummer, and I think that focusing on percussive elements and bassline grooves connects with something primal on the dancefloor.

Anything upcoming you can share with readers that’s happening in the near future?

There’s a lot going on at the moment! I’m having an EP launch party on the Gold Coast on August 5. I’ve also got a bunch of collabs with both international and Aussie artists that I can’t wait to share with everyone. There are some other gigs coming up, including one in Byron Bay with one of our Sorta Kinda Music artists, and absolute legend Joey Tuckshop, which I’m really looking forward to. Keep an eye on my socials for all those announcements


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