Interview: Dainjazone Revives Redfoo From Release Hiatus In 'Long Live Party Rock,' Shares About, Career, DJiing & More

April 21, 2023 -

Justin Angle

If you were into the dance music and hip-hop scene over the course of the last decade, then you're probably a die-hard fan of LMFAO as well. This innovative and entertaining duo is guaranteed to go down in the history books of 21st-century music. Even though "I'm Sexy And I Know It" was a chart-topping hit, LMFAO is best known for their iconic single, "Party Rock Anthem". Now, following a six-year hiatus from music, producer-DJ hybrid Dainjazone has called upon Redfoo, one half of LMFAO, to make his highly anticipated return.

Together, the two have joined forces to drop a mesmerizing blend of house and hip-hop in their brand-new anthem, "Long Live Party Rock". Speaking on the collaboration, Dainjazone recalled, "Redfoo has been turning down feature opportunities from multi-platinum selling artists over the last 6 years. I recorded myself rapping half the lyrics over my production and sent it to him with an invite to be on the track. He instantly fell in love with it and in fact added more lyrics to make it better."

Revitalizing the 'Party Rock' aura, Redfoo spits fiery verses on "Long Live Party Rock", entrancing listeners with his smooth lyrical flow. Taking the track's energy to the next level, Dainjazone engineers a percussion-heavy bassline that matches up seamlessly with Redfoo's vocals. This original masterpiece even features tantalizing female singing that reflects personal experiences in Redfoo's life. Hopefully, Redfoo is here to stay, while the talented Dainjazone is clearly just getting warmed up.

Dainjazone took the time out to have a chat with us, focus on his past, DJing, crowd connection, and more.

What do you see are the most common thing DJ's are missing when it comes to satisfying a crowd?

They aren't prepared. They don't know how to read a room. They're not strategic. Lack a game plan. They don't have the right tools or enough tools for their room.

Are there certain genres or styles that perform better than others from your perspective?

That really depends on the city but most ppl take a liking to the poppy hip hop. Drake, Cardi and even the 2000s classics. Everybody loves the classics.

How many years have you been DJing yourself? What are some highlights from your touring history?

18-19 years now. Performing at Crypto Arena (a the time Staples Center) in 2011 stands out for me. We (LMFAO and dancers) were all born and raised in LA. Performing on that stage in our own backyard was that moment of "We made it. We did it." And the sold out arena was there to congratulate us and cheer us on. they saw their own on that stage and I hope that inspired them.

Do you like Patreon itself as the platform to centralize this hustle that you have brought to life?

Yea so far I think it's a great platform for what we do as DJs. I think the community trusts it.

Are there certain areas of focus that are of a higher priority than others when it comes to DJing properly. For example, is music choice more important than how you DJ?

For the venues I do, giving the crowd what they want is at the top. I can mix in some stuff they don't know but I'll have a stronger connection with them if I keep it familiar for at least the first half. Then in the second half, after I've earned their trust, I can take risks and share songs with them they may not be hip too. I understand some crowds want more of an underground, surprise me, type of set but the venues I DJ want to hear what they know.

What is the most important aspect of performing live as a DJ?

Connecting with the crowd. If you don't have a connection your skills and everything else means nothing to them and the person who booked you.


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