D.A.F. Ring In New Year With Rave Anthem On Big & Dirty Records

January 20, 2015 -

Justin Beck

Although it seems like there is a new talent emerging everyday in the current EDM climate, breaking in as a fresh act is easier said than done. Between the crapshoot of blog demo culture and the overwhelming onslaught of hit after hit from labels like Spinnin' Records, getting your 3 minutes seems like it's harder than ever. That's why labels like Big & Dirty are so important to maintaining parity in the scene.

Although the young label may not be a household name just yet, Big & Dirty is already on the top DJs radars as a label that can be trusted for cutting edge big room. Such revered acts as Hardwell, David Guetta, and Laidback Luke have already thrown their support behind a host of their releases, and the "in-the-know" EDM community has been eagerly awaiting the imprint's first release of the year.

Wait no more.

Big & Dirty's introduction to 2015 comes with an absolute monster of a tune from mysterious EDM act D.A.F. , quite fittingly entitled "All The Ravers". There has been a fair amount of speculation regarding what the acronym D.A.F. stands for, with most positing it stands for "Dope As Fuck", but I have a sneaking suspicion it stands for "David And Fedde". If that's the case, then Big & Dirty seem like they've struck gold.

But let's assume D.A.F. is fresh talent and not some super cool alias of the über famous. What is "All The Ravers" bringing to the table? For one, it's nice to hear some more creative melodic work going on in the breakdown than we're typically used to from big room bangers. However, the transition from the guitar-ish melody into the epochal saw/square riser is seamless, and while one moment you were floating in some sort of dystopian indie lala land, the next you're suddenly transported back to the rapturous snares of the build up and led into a classic TJR-style drop.

Whether you're an EDM club nut or a desk chair raver, be sure to check out Big & Dirty's first release of the year!


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