Coachella Brings the Magic for 20 Years and Counting

April 30, 2019 -

Dani Dallas

Coachella season once again entered our hearts (and our timelines) and, as unbelievable as it may seem, the 20th edition of this captivating festival has already come to an end. With its enchanting combination of madness and magic, it is no wonder why this event has continued to grow as well as reign supreme amongst its competitors in the festival circuit. From the food and art to the activities and of course the music; this festival creates an unparalleled experience for each one of its attendees.


Photo Courtesy of Coachella

There is an energetic buzz that can be felt in the air immediately upon entering the massive Coachella grounds, located each year at the Empire Polo Club. The familiar white ferris wheel towers over the crowds gathered in the area taking their photos and going over their plan of action for the 12 hour days ahead of them. For as far as the eye can see, there are people dancing, skipping, eating, enjoying the larger than life art pieces, and reveling in the company of those they chose to share their experience with.


Photo Courtesy of Coachella

With such high vibrations shaping the atmosphere for Coachella's 20th year, it was no surprise that all around the festival were smiling faces making their way to each stage. With seven stages to choose from, there was no shortage of music and no shortage of options for whom to watch. From commanding electronic acts such as Nina KravizNora En PureAnna LunoeAmelie Lens, and VNSSA to energetic live acts from the likes of Kacey MusgravesLos Tucanes de TijuanaBillie EilishH.E.R.Khalid, and Bad Bunny, this year's music committee proved that they did not come to play but, rather, delivered a stunning lineup and left the playing to the artists.

Tucanes de Tijuana, Main Stage

Photo Courtesy of Coachella

To keep cool and stay full, Coachella offered a wide variety of vendors to satisfy the needs of all its guests. From bowls and burgers, to sushi and tacos, and a variety of sweets in between, this event catered to all the senses, including taste. It can also not go without mentioning that there were plenty of options for those with specific diets, such as Coachella's vegan and vegetarian visitors.

Indio Central Market, Coachella 2019 Weekend 2, Culinary

Photo Courtesy of Coachella

From beginning to end and around every corner and bend, the magic of this event could be felt. The music kept everyone dancing, the food and drinks kept them full, the art had its admirers in awe, and the individuals and groups all around made the energy unforgettable. Coachella 20 most definitely left its mark and set a tone for the festival season to come. After a year such as this one, be sure to join in the celebration next year as it can be certain that this festival will only continue to get better.


Photo Courtesy of Coachella

To purchase tickets for Coachella 2020 and to stay up to date, click here.


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