Clark Kent - Here To Save The Day & Rock Your Socks Off

April 4, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

I’ve got to say, there are a lot of amazing and not so amazing relationships I have made in Santa Barbara, and one of them I am really happy to say is a good relationship is that of Mr. Tal Levy, otherwise known as Clark Kent (No not batman, the DJ). I still remember him coming over to borrow a laptop when he was first starting out to practice, and this kid never gave up. Obviously the saying practice makes perfect holds true because soon after that he was signed and playing shows in Santa Cruz.

I have yet to see him live, it seems that every time he plays near me, I have something else going on or I arrive just as he is about to end. But his music is amazing, and it impresses me to this day that he got so far from where he started. I briefly asked him a few questions, and here’s what the up and coming artist had to say.

DB: What first inspired you to pick up mixing music?

CK: "I've always loved music, used to play I lot of guitar and piano and that translated to ableton."

DB: How did you react when you got your first real show?

CK: "I suddenly found myself on stage like "wait, what the fuck am i doing here? Super nervous, then when I started it was all awesome."

DB: Is there still an intimidation factor when you play, or has the nerves gone away for you?

CK: "There definitely still is, especially with bigger shows or when I'm headlining."

DB: What has been you most favorite experience with everything so far?

CK: "So many awesome experiences! Maybe getting to work with Mimi Page or my recent upload on Suicidesheep, too many awesome experiences to name."

DB: When are you going to be playing in the Bay Area again?

CK: "I’m playing at an underground in Oakland on Saturday, it's called Unleashed 5."

Clark Kent is not only a good friend but a good guy, and a great artist. He puts his background of piano and guitar to pull potential to release amazing tracks that are groundbreaking for Electro and Dubstep and shows what true potential this genre has. I look forward to seeing how far this man gets, because I’m sure we will see him at things like Electric Daisy Carnival and Coachella soon.

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