Celldweller Reveals Two Tunes, Commences 'Recording Cessions' and Releases Sample Pack

March 2, 2014 -

Arrun Harker

So one of my top two all time favourite producers and musicians, Klayton AKA Celldweller, has just released two songs, both of which are demos that will likely never be finished, as well as releasing his first ever sample pack, SONIX Vol.1 and kickstarting a new video schedule every friday, called the 'Recording Cessions' which provide a glimpse into Klayton's studio and ingenious brain.

The first tune, 'Snowcore', is an ambient, 9-minute long soundscape of soaring modular synths and pads, composed during a particularly heavy day of snowfall in Michigan, Klayton's home, and features camera footage of the snowy Michigan landscape, shot by Klayton, throughout. It's up for free download from his soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/celldweller/snowcore-02-09-2014

The second tune, an unreleased demo called 'Klay Out West' (a pun of Way Out West, the group Klayton drew his inspiration for the tune at the time from), marks the start of a new video schedule each friday called 'Recording Cessions', which will involve picking a random unreleased Celldweller tune and uploading it. More Celldweller music? Yes please! The tune itself is of course unfinished, but it blends together some hard guitar stabs and disco elements into a funky reprise. Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtSamDo-ImQ&feature=youtu.be

Finally, Klayton has released his much awaited, eagerly anticipated sample pack, 'Sonix Vol. 1' - a pack I can personally guarantee is like no other. For the producers and engineers out there, it features a vast array of modular synth shots, drums (both acoustic and synthetic), guitar riffs, and even some vox from Klayton himself. You can buy the pack here: http://www.fixtstore.com/product/106764/Sonix-Producer-Pack-Vol.-01


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