Brandeus Drops Motivational R&B Trap Anthem 'Paro' in Collaboration with Aesthetics Records

May 22, 2024 -

Justin Angle

Australian artist Brandeus has achieved a remarkable milestone by teaming up with the Canadian-based independent label Aesthetics Records to drop a motivational R&B trap hit, "Paro." The track, which means "Plan" in English, encapsulates the drive to manifest success and rise above hate and industry naysayers. Brandeus's vision is clear: achieve financial freedom and provide for loved ones, no matter the obstacles.

"Paro" is a journey that blends elements of R&B and trap, offering a powerful message of resilience and ambition. The track's smooth vocals and intricate beats create an infectious energy that inspires listeners to chase their dreams relentlessly. With its catchy hooks and motivational lyrics, "Paro" shines with talent and determination.

Brandeus's journey is as compelling as his music. Born in Australia and raised on the Gold Coast, he honed his skills as a songwriter, vocalist, mixing engineer, and performer from an early age. His diverse musical influences, ranging from Post Malone to John Mayer, shine through in his genre-blending style. After a stint in Toronto, he returned to the Gold Coast, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a unique sound that merges hip-hop, alt R&B, and pop. Self-taught and fiercely independent, Brandeus's music is a reflection of his personal experiences and passions, making him a standout artist set for righteous growth.


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