Bad Kids Clothing Presents the Final EDM Brunch of 2013 [REVIEW]

November 14, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Am I really just now starting to feel normal after this past Sunday? I think anyone in attendance of the Bad Kids Clothing Brunch will feel me on this one. Between the alcohol flow, bad ass DJ’s spinning, cake being tossed every which way, and the crowd of Bad Kids, there was no getting out alive!


Once noon hit, I arrived to the retail raving store that they had set up including merchandise from them, Eye Party, Dress for the Drop, C4, and Dayna’s Rave Bras. Of course I had to buy myself some swag from their new line! I then immediately started taking advantage of the scrumptious Libation brunch and unlimited mimosas, receiving one pitcher after another, without regard for a glass. Everyone from the Bad Kids Crew was extremely open and welcoming, introducing themselves and promising a day to remember, or maybe not. The champagne is flowing, the sticks are glowing, and we are all getting down to some epic and diverse beats from DJ Gonzo. To us ravers, the best time of the day is night. The beauty of this venue is that they pulled shut the thick velvet drapes, to block out all traces of sunlight, so we could party in the dark, like intended. Although the brunch party and the downstairs bash were separated, both were full throttle starting at noon. TCUP and Peter Brennan were mixing it up downstairs until about 3 o’clock when the lovely girls from The Jane Doze grabbed the decks.


Residing in New York, Jen and Claire have been spinning electro beats side by side for two-and-a-half years and have been coast to coast with their career. They were awesome enough to headline this boozy brunch and had the whole place bouncing for hours! In the midst of these couple of hours Jen stood up on the decks and whipped out a trumpet! She played the live instrument along with their new bootleg, ‘Reload Safe & Away,’ featuring the instrumentals of Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash’s ‘Reload,’ vocals from Passion Pit’s ‘Carried Away,’ and the vocals from Capital Cities, ‘Safe and Sound.’ While this is all happening, Robot Boyfriend from The Dream Lab is posing for photos, sprayin’ everyone with his guns, and the girls are up on the bar choosing their next victim for a cake to the face.


The Jane Doze ended the set with their new mix of Britney Spears, ‘Work Bitch,’ and then handed the decks over to DJ Gonzo who spun until everyone could stumble their way back out to the real world. Although this was the last Bad Kids EDM Brunch of 2013, it was only foreshadowing the excitement for what’s to come in 2014!

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