Auburn X Unleashes "Life & Death" EP

December 10, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

Auburn X knows a bit about dying and coming back to life. After spending time in a coma and life support last year, he has unleashed a new EP that details the experience. "Life & Death" is as fitting a title for this release as any and Auburn X is getting back to what makes most of us feel alive, music. From his days as a member in "Hope for Tomorrow" that saw him playing the Vans Warped Tour at 18 years old, Auburn X has quietly but successfully managed to make the transition to electronic music. With "Life & Death", the journey from awakening and coming back to life are beautifully and masterfully transcribed into a musical journey. With dubstep being his weapon of choice, I can't imagine a better style of music to accurately portray what it must be like to come back to life. From start to finish the EP exudes pain, the unknown, the rush of death and the first breath of life. The deep sleep of a coma and the vast abyss of nothingness is a dark place to say the least. Mixing in drum and bass with some heavy dubs, "Life & Death" is hard hitting and resonates in your body. Throughout the EP, the common thread of neither being dead nor alive drives each track. My favorite track is the last one, "5150." The piano and it's ensuing chord progressions through the track captivate the listener as we rise from the ashes and gasp that first breath of air into our lungs. 

The EP is now available on iTunes and Beatport. You can catch Auburn X headlining his first event, Bunker Buster, just north of Los Angeles on December 19th. The night will feature some of the best underground dubstep, drum and bass, and all the heavy bass you could possibly desire.

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