Artist Spotlight & Exclusive Interview: CFG Loken

July 28, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

We have another incredible artist spotlight for you on a glorious Monday here at Daily Beat. Fresh off some incredible productions, Norway's own CFG Loken recently sat down with Daily Beat to discuss his most recent tunes, European DJ life, and a little about himself growing up. The eighteen year old music producer recently rolled out a stunning remix to Laidback Luke and Marc Benjamin's "We're Forever," combining the big-room progressive sound with his own signature Norwegian flare. We recently had a chance to discuss the tune and more with CFG Loken in this exclusive interview below. Enjoy!

Daily Beat: Thanks again for joining us here on! We're so glad to have you today. Being from Norway must be a challenge with so many great up and coming Norwegian producers out there. How do you plan on capturing the audience as the next big thing in dance music?

CFG Loken: I don´t plan too much – I just create music from my passion – from my heart. Music that feels right me. Hopefully people will be touched by my music and that will be the way for me to reach out.

There are indeed some great upcoming Norwegian producers, but I don´t see them as a competition. In fact they actually inspire me and make me want to create better and better music everyday.

Norway hasn't exactly been in the forefront when it comes to producing EDM. "Our big brother" Sweden, on the other hand, has been able to bring forth some great producers. So I feel proud that Norway now is joining in with some great upcoming producers, which I hopefully can be a part of.

My way of producing music is very intuitive. I rely a lot on my intuition and try to really feel what I want to express. It is all about trying to express my joy and feelings with others. Hopefully they will feel as great about listening to my music as I am creating it.

Daily Beat: Who do you look to for your influences? How does that translate into your style of producing?

CFG Loken: Wow! Where should I begin? There is so much great music available today and a lot of great artists inspire me and some of them influence my music. When it comes to EDM I like to mention:

Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Vicetone, Zedd, Richello, Krewella, Cazzette, W&W, Syn Cole, Otto Knows, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso.

All of them have this uplifting, touching, dynamic feel to their sound. This style appeals to me and is something I too want to convey to my listeners with my own sound.

I also get really inspired by other EDM artists who focus on some other genres than me. I wouldn't say they influence my music, but I get inspired and like to mention:

Deadmau5, Above&Beyond, Armin van Buuren, BT, and Adam K

In addition I get inspired by a lot of other music genres - everything from classic to heavy metal. Those who inspire me the most in these genres are Queen and Hans Zimmer.

Daily Beat: For those fans not from Fredrikstad, Norway, tell us about the dance music scene. How do you continue to be an on the rise talent in such a diverse music nation?

CFG Loken: Well, I think it is all about being true to my own sound and listen to my intuition. Music is a great form of art and any art form requires passion and being aware of inner thoughts. I feel the best thing I can do is to follow my heart. My goal is to keep on creating music that hopefully will make people feel great and uplifted. I really want to make a difference with my music.

Daily Beat: It's great to hear that your latest remix to Laidback Luke and Marc Benjamin's "We're Forever" has been gaining so much success so far in a summer full of amazing progressive house tunes! Tell us about your production style, how the uplifting remix came about, and how it reflects your musical style?

CFG Loken: I am a member of several Norwegian music producer groups, and I noticed many were remixing this great song. When I listened to it I immediately felt an immense strong feeling with the vocals. There and then I decided to make my own remix!

Actually, at the time I was on holiday in Croatia, but the feeling was so strong I just had to drop the beach and start making this remix. I then did the final adjustments when I got back home.

I wanted to keep some of the original sound, but at the same time give it a more uplifting feeling close to my own sound. This is probably the release I feel is closest to my sound so far - dynamic, but touching and uplifting. Hopefully those listening to it will enjoy it.

Daily Beat: We always end with a bit of a joke question, but still love everyone's response. We have to ask you...if you had to pick two DJs to be your parents (one male and female) who would they be and why?

CFG Loken: Even though having parents means having one male and one female – in this scenario, however, I would not mind having two males since my EDM idols for a long time have been Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. They are like legends to me!

In addition to producing incredible music as solo artists, Swedish House Mafia and Axwell ^ Ingrosso, they also have unique charisma and passion which really influence me.

When we are talking family I wouldn't mind adding some brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts too:

Cheers to:
Alesso, Avicii, Tiësto, Vicetone, Zedd, Richello, Krewella, Cazzette, W&W, Syn Cole, Otto Knows, CLMD, Deadmau5, Above&Beyond, Armin van Buuren, BT, Adam K, Queen, and wise grandpa: Hans Zimmer.



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