Artist Collective "Daruma" Releases Stimulating New Compilation

July 24, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

Here at Daily Beat we get sent a lot of new music to check out, feature, and promote. More often than not most of what we get lacks originality and whole-hearted production value. This is not one of those cases. Introducing the Daruma artist collective. This group of producers was brought to my attention just a couple of days ago. Upon hearing the first handful of tracks on their new compilation 'Volume II" I was blown away and completely hooked; they're sound touches with slight familiarity but also incorporates invigorating twists and bold unexpected compositions. It's clear that Daruma's artists are an impressive and talented bunch, whose flavor at first is slightly reminiscent of Cashmere Cat's sexy R&B soft trap style, but then quickly evolves into more robust hip-hop instrumentals.

The first track on Vol II, Confessions by Luminate, may be one of my favorites for its sheer progression and stirringly unpredictable melodies. As it starts at a soothing pace with a vibrating percussion as its foundation, the track takes a turn into a deep trap quality,  followed by an eerie range of ghostly dissonant chords that are as enticing as they are creepy (in a good way, of course).

QUIX's Goin Hii caught my attention with its completely mismatched and peculiarly aimless arrangement that somehow morphs into a completely cohesive tune as it advances. As supporting chimes are added its easy to imagine this track being integrated into your favorite DJ's trap sets for one of those "oh sh*t" moments.

My final top pick has to be 3 RosesUtopia, a speedy yet undoubtedly lovely original track that has that specific uplifting, effervescent beating heart type of vibe that causes unending contagious smiles. It's definitely the most inspiriting of the collection, totally fitting for a soundtrack to an epic anime romance. The added bonus is the surprising jazz drum line at the end as the song fades out.

The artist roster for this collection of original tracks includes: Luminate, TDY, BENTZ, Andrew Luce, Enzo Vangetti, Lege Kale, SubtomiK, Duskus, QUIX, LVX, Hati, 3 Roses, Baht, Masayoshi Limori, Gylzey, Thook, and Instant Party!

Check out Daruma's full VOL II compilation below!


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