Arnold & Lane Hit Airwaves With Dirtybird EP "Dinky Whale"

May 7, 2021 -


You may have first heard of them from one of the various streams they played throughout the pandemic, or you may have been lucky enough to catch them live before quarantine brought life to an abrupt halt. Whatever the case may be, if you haven't heard of this dynamic duo it's time to familiarize yourself. As Arnold & Lane prepare to hit the airwaves with their new Dirtybird EP "Dinky Whale", the time has never been better to get to know these rising house stars.

Arnold & Lane are an LA based duo who came together through their shared affinity for low end house music. They have a plethora of releases on labels like Nightbass, Dumbfat, Perfect Driver, Teethy, Box of Cats, and Dirtybird...just to name a few. The dynamic duo have cultivated a reputation of polished productions and smashing sets. A&L have been keeping their buzz going throughout the pandemic playing on streams like Dirtybird's Couchout, Nightbass, and Insomniac. Not only have they continued playing amazing DJ sets, but they've also consistently been releasing music. Today Arnold & Lane bless the airwaves yet again with their debut Dirtybird EP titled Dinky Whale. Although this is not their first release through the labels channels, this EP marks Arnold & Lane's graduation to a full EP on the prestigious label. Today A&L take their relationship with Dirtybird to the next level with a delectable 2 track EP that is sure to make you bounce.

‘Dinky Whale’ encapsulates the buoyant, tech-fueled sound that the flock has come to love in recent years, beginning with a title track whose off-kilter sound effects, deepened vocals, and zippy bassline bounce around the ears. 'Dinky Whale' delivers fun, wonky synths that push the barriers of sound while remaining an irresistible dance floor hit. This track is a little more instrumental than A&L's usual tracks, but the immaculate synth work fills the spectrum beautifully.

The second track, 'That's House Music', begins with a trip down memory lane where a cleverly placed sample depicts an interview where the subject is being asked when he first heard the term "House Music". He goes on to describe a tavern he saw that had a sign up that said "We play House Music". The song is peppered with lush chord stabs leading up to the drop that delivers a driving bass line paired with trippy synth flares and infectious drums. Once the break comes in, the listener is hypnotized by an arpeggiated lead bound to make you dizzy. Personally, this track is my favorite, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for those arps.

This EP is solid all the way through and is available everywhere TODAY. Go support it on Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. and make sure to let Arnold & Lane know how much you love it! Back in 2018 we wrote an "Artists to lookout for in 2019" article. In this article we listed Arnold & Lane as one of those artists. As we push through 2021, A&L have made it clear that they intend to cement their position in dance music for years to come. Expect to hear a lot more noise coming from these two as the world returns to normalcy.

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