Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 Welcomes 400,000 Visitors

October 26, 2018 -

Dani Dallas

For its 23rd year, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) once again demonstrated why it remains a quintessential destination for music lovers from all around the world. With over 1,000 events located throughout 200 venues across the city, it is no wonder why ADE has been dubbed the largest club festival in the world. However, do not let this title fool you as the Amsterdam Dance Event is home to much more than only club events. From warehouses and museums to the tops of lookout towers and underground (literally underground) venues, visitors of this comprehensive event can find themselves listening to their favorite artists just about anywhere.


Photo by Mark Richter

Newcomers and veterans alike can agree that participating in every single one of ADE's events is an impossible feat to conquer. However, it can also be agreed upon that with over 1,000 events, quality over quantity is the way to go. With the location of this event taking place in one of Europe's electronic music hubs, it is no surprise that there are many iconic venues to choose from. From places like De School, whose venue finds its home in a repurposed school building, to Amsterdam's Shelter, which descends music lovers into the basement of A'DAM Toren, it is up to ADE participants to decide where they would like to dance the night/morning away. Moreover, it cannot go without mentioning that Amsterdam is home to none other than the world-renowned Gashouder. Techno lovers from around the world flock to this location to hear the captivating sounds played each night by techno music's most prominent figures. The music is that hypnotizing element which undoubtedly draws the masses, however it is certain that the unmatched production of this venue (which includes indoor fireworks) indisputably keeps the crowd mesmerized and wanting more.

For a full list of this year's ADE locations, click here.

LauraJacobs_20181020_467A0407 (2)

Photo by Laura Jacobs

The diversity of the Amsterdam Dance Event is a key feature to the repeated success of this widely loved event. In addition to ADE's colossal nighttime program, the city's 400,000 visitors not only have the opportunity to attend dance parties around the city but to also attend one of the many business conferences and networking opportunities hosted over the span of ADE week.  With almost a dozen different conference topics, hosted by some of dance music's biggest names, ADE by day is the perfect opportunity for those trying to make a name in the music industry or gain some valuable knowledge and insight. With topics ranging from tech to sustainability, stage design, sound, or brand connection, the conference program has something for everyone to enjoy. Don't be afraid to call it an early night during ADE and go checkout one of the year's most valuable networking opportunities during ADE by day.

To checkout the full conference program offered by ADE 2018, click here.

Marco Scheurink_20181017_DR_20181017_851A0627

Photo by Marco Scheurink

Over the past 23 years, the Amsterdam Dance Event has, without question, created a world within the borders of Amsterdam that has provided 400,000 visitors with a kind of magic that cannot be found anywhere else. From business to music and everything in between, ADE is not only a destination for work and partying, but, more importantly, a yearly home to music lovers who can forget about the stresses of everyday life and for five days simply enjoy the music around them. Whether it is making a new friend on the dance floor, hopping on the ferry and going across the wharf to the next event, or watching the sunrise from the metro on the way home, there are a million different ways to make and experience your own kind of magic during ADE.

Marco Scheurink_20181017_851A0915 (1)

Photo by Marco Scheurink

For highlights, updates, or to pre-register for ADE 2019, click here and see why the Amsterdam Dance Event continues to break records and astound visitors.

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