Amine Edge & DANCE Talk Past Before Future

August 26, 2016 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

House music knows no boundaries, and we are always searching for the artists that are on the forefront of bringing new and exciting works to the ears of the masses. French producer duo and taste makers Amine Edge & DANCE have had quite the run in the last two years. From spinning clubs, venues, and festivals all over the world to running their own label, it's hard to imagine what they have not done for music. Their label CUFF has brought out some of the best G-House flavorings from producers all over the world, giving AE&D a seemingly unlimited supply of tracks to play during their busy touring schedule. We had the chance to catch up with them shortly after their set at HARD Summer.

Seeing as you two are a duo, what brought you both together to blend in your sounds and ultimately pioneer G-House?

First of all we have been best friends for years, way before we made music together. Amine Edge was busy with his music, and DANCE was busy with his, and one day we had a lil bit of time and probably a low down in the career so we did some tracks for fun and we loved it. We called it G-House and it went viral.

In what ways have you seen the movement progress ever since you started CUFF?

We definitely don’t call it progress due to the majority of crap productions out there. That’s life, we don’t control our art anymore.

What led you to release your first album for free?

Because we didn’t release for a long time, and people were asking for tracks, we had lot in store and we wanted to say thank you for the support over the past years.

Do you prefer to play at more underground type venues or festivals?

Definitely [underground], being free to play whatever you want, some tracks with soul, instead of banger after banger is a big satisfaction and if the crowd feel you it’s amazing.

Any exciting plans coming in the near future? What can we expect from you as well as CUFF?

AE&D: We are gonna release an EP on Desolat on September 9th. That’s it for now, and for CUFF we still have plenty of amazing releases, then in December we are gonna have a break to work on websites and a high quality limited clothing brand.

Be sure to download their new free album Past Before Future and keep up with Amine Edge & DANCE on Facebook.

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