Aliana Lohan Releases Euphoric Single 'Already Home'

January 4, 2023 -

Justin Angle

Putting her heart and soul into everything she does, Aliana Lohan is the definition of a superstar when it comes to entertainment. As a singer-songwriter, model, and actress, this mixed bag of talent has been writing hit tracks for more than a decade. These songs dive into Aliana's personal hardships and obstacles in life, invoking powerful emotions among her listeners. Her signature soulful sound is inspired by Celine Dion, Pat Benatar, and Cyndi Lauper, while bearing a strong resemblance to P!nk and Taylor Swift.

Collaborating with Elvis Presley's producer, Chris Christian, Aliana dropped her debut Christmas album at just 10 years old. Lohan Holiday was a sensation across the music industry and a few years later Aliana followed it up with her iconic single "All The Way Around." Since then, Aliana has gone on to sign with FORD Models and NEXT Model Management, showcasing her beauty around the world. Now, she is back to continue her musical legacy with her original "Already Home".

A contagious dance-pop anthem, "Already Home" proceeds Aliana's lovely song "Without You", which was synced in Netflix's holiday movie Falling For Christmas. The feel-good beat in "Already Home" is joined by heavenly vocals from Aliana that flood its audience with pure happiness. This unique single is the optimal song to rejoice with friends and is just the beginning for Aliana.

Aliana took the time out to do an exclusive interview with us at Daily Beat, check it out below!

Alian Lohan Exclusive Interview

What do you hope is the message people receive from 'Already Home?'

I hope when listening to "Already Home" people feel the sense of their being, being their home. Our mind, body, soul, and spirit are our only home that matters in order to create the best home possible.  

What made you want to get back to releasing music again?

It’s my time, to lay low. I feel the world wants to feel happy and with a lot going on constantly it may be difficult to feel happy, what is going on and may feel difficult is just an illusion. I hope this song brings the Real beauty out in everyone listening. 

Do you have a process regarding how you get into a creative space?

I love to be around people who are creatives who understand how sacred the process is. I am always writing and singing my melodies. I meditate with God and surround myself with my own energy and begin. 

Do you prefer making music alone or with others?

I love working with the Team I surround myself with, teamwork makes the dream work. 

Who were some key figures in your life that helped put you on the right path for music to be so deeply woven in your life?

My mother’s mom. My grandmother Ann Veronica. She had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Each word I could hear was very clear and her soul was always present for herself first and then the people. She went through many trials and tribulations growing up and always remained on top. She defines strength and God to me. 

Are there any artists or producers that you’d like to work with next year?

There are many artists I would love to collaborate with. All is in motion and I am taking one step at a time. Music is incredible. Artists are the reason why this world is peaceful I believe. 

Do you plan to release more in 2023?

Absolutely, all is in the palms of God and his hands. I’ll look at the blue skies and ask when haha. 

Last question, what did you ask Santa for Christmas this year!?

My song "Without You" in Falling For Christmas, which my sister Lindsay Lohan stars and executive produces. All in all, I feel fortunate for this life I’ve been given, everybody and everyone go through this life together and I pray when we don’t like what someone else says that we smile and just think to ourselves “I am happy for you.” Thoughts are the world we live in. Move in love, move in kindness, move in peace and you won’t have to worry about anything.


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