6 reasons why you shouldn't miss Counterpoint 2015

April 23, 2015 -

Liane Robinson

There is no denying that I have a soft spot in my heart for Counterpoint Music Festival; as a three year veteran I have seen the growth and potential of this festival from the very beginning. In 2012 Counterpoint burst on the scene at its first home about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia and it was exactly what the South East was yearning for; a camping festival with a diverse lineup and a beautiful location. The lineup was insane, boasting artist of all genres such as Lotus, Bassnectar, Ghostland Observatory, Crystal Castles, Emancipator, Washed Out, Skrillex, Pretty Lights and many more. It was a beautiful first year, and if you survived the massive storm that struck on Friday afternoon with sudden swift force it was like a badge of honor and instant bonding material when you run into a fellow Counterpoint 2012 survivor. There was something raw about this first year and you could feel it in the air, being in its infancy stage it was equal ground for everyone; whether you have been to 2 festivals or 20 festivals, we were all new here.

Unfortunately like most great things, they can sometimes be too good to be true so when the festival ended and there was no announcement about 2013 dates I begin to worry that everything I had fallen in love with was being ripped from underneath me. After a nerve racking wait and searching for a new festival I was relieved to find out that Counterpoint would be returning in 2014 to a new home. Although I was extremely relieved to know Counterpoint had lived to see a new day I was a bit disappointed that the lands of grassy rolling hills were sold to the new festival in town. But alas, I was confident that my home festival would bounce back and I was in it for the long haul so I patiently waited for spring time to come and lineups to be released.


Counterpoint came back with a bang on its new dates in May 2014 and just as in the years past they delivered a solid lineup with a flavor for everyone with artists such as Outkast, Thievery Corporation, The Polish Ambassador, Tycho, Griz and Pretty Lights. The festival is put on by MCP Presents (Camp Bisco, Buku) and last year was a good indication that the festival is here to stay. The new location is set on a 5,000 acre lot just over an hour outside of Atlanta and it is a great place for new roots to be planted and healthy growth to occur. What makes this festival so special is its evolving history, from moving locations to moving dates Counterpoint is no stranger to changes but with those changes come the potential for exciting new opportunities and experiences to occur.


It is said that it takes 3 years for a festival to truly begin to catch their stride and work out most of the kinks that occur and I truly believe 2015 is the year that will set Counterpoint above other festivals as the premier destination spot for music and art lovers all over the eastern region and beyond.

Without further ado,  6 reasons you shouldn't miss Counterpoint 2015

1. 3rd Times a Charm

As I mentioned above, Counterpoint has faced adversity from the very beginning from changing the dates to moving to a new venue and this is the first year they are returning to their location and they aren't cutting any corners. The first year at a new venue can be very stressful as there can be many issues such as sound bleeding, camping confusion and poor traffic flow between stages that can only be discovered once 30,000 people arrive. This year Counterpoint is coming in heavy hitting and ready to blow festival goers away as they have had time to work out kinks and confusion that happens with new festivals.  MCP Presents has assured everyone that Counterpoint was born and bred in Atlanta and that it will always be their home; each year brings new knowledge and learning and room for improvement and this year will only be better than the last. With its unstable history in the past, this is Counterpoint's year and its coming with something to prove; this is one of the few large scale multi-genre, multi-day camping festival in the South East and you better believe everyone will be rubbing it in your face if you miss it.


2. The Lineup

If there is one thing Counterpoint ALWAYS gets right it's the lineup; blending jam bands, hip hop, reggae, bass music, funk and electronic seamlessly with artists such as Umphrey's McGee, Tipper, Thomas Jack, Galactic , Knife Party and Rebelution. Counterpoint has always been a home for a diverse spectrum of music and this year is no different, you can expect to meet and mingle with a plethora of music lovers from every genre. We love new music and what better way to discover your new favorite artists than at a music festival? Be curious and check out names you haven't heard of or that set your camping neighbors insists you can't miss;  wonder outside of your comfort zone and be prepared to fall in love with the unexpected.


3. The Summer Vibes Stage

Perhaps one of my favorite additions to this years festival is the Summer Vibes Stage featuring artist such as Tipper, Minnesota, Manic Focus, Michael Menert and Ott. These are some of the biggest names in the biz as Tipper just sold out his Red Rocks show with Ott, Michael Menert just released a new album, and Minnesota and Manic Focus are playing major festivals all over the county this summer. Along with good music, the Counterpoint team is giving a few talented flow artist and performers the opportunity to win tickets and perform on the Summer Vibes Stages alongside these producers.


4. Ott

The British record producer and musician is finally making his Counterpoint debut after his set following The Polish Ambassador got suddenly cancelled last year. Ott is nothing short of a musical genius, combining organic dub with heavy bass lines and ambient melodies to create a sonic experience unlike any other. I had the pleasure of seeing him play at Wakarusa last summer and more recently at Envision Festival where he donned a violin and played beautiful notes over his downtempo psy dub set. Ott has recently been hard at work in his studio on a new album which is set to drop later on this year so hopefully we will be blessed enough to be some of the first ones to hear his new material. His chill vibes and soulful music is exactly what Counterpoint needs and his set is not one to be missed!

5. Car Camping

While festivals are a great way to escape "normal life" and spend a few days reconnecting with mother nature it is nice to still have amenities and easy access to vehicles and we applaud Counterpoint for listening to their fans and bringing car camping back to the attendees. Sure it cost a little more but the extra convenience and piece of mind is worth it to have your belongings safely secured and an easy place to crash if you have too much fun and just can't seem to get that tent open. Fill your car with your best friends and split the cost of a car camping pass to make your festival experience easy and leave yourself more time to enjoy things like music and art instead of walking back and forth to your car all weekend. Car Camping is limited so purchase them now! Don't forget, we told you so.

6. Silent Disco

When the sun goes down the music heats up as the tunes keep flowing into the wee hours of the morning at the Silent Disco. This is one of our favorite parts of a festival because of the unique experience it creates with multiple DJs playing to the crowd through wireless headphones that allow you to choose which set you want to listen to. With the headphones on, your ears are submersed in surround sound sonic bliss and its so much fun being able to switch between multiple artists! Embrace the weird, get loose and dance the night away under the stars to artists such as Michal Minert, Archnemesis, Bearson, Manila Killa, MK Ultra, Vibe Street and more. If you have never experienced a Silent Disco you are in for a real treat just make sure you get that espresso shot so you can stay up for the late night dance party!


The $185 price tier is ending soon so hurry and purchase your tickets here!

All photos by aLIVE Coverage


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