5 Must See Acts Splash House 2022 August Weekend 2

August 16, 2022 -

Louis Garcia

Nothing spells Summer like tech house bros in a chlorinated pool. Splash House 2022 officially kicked off with an explosive bang in June. The boutique poolside music festival hit its stride last weekend with its first weekend of August edition. But nothing could prepare us for the epic finale it is about to present as it comes to a close this weekend.

Presented by Goldenvoice, Splash House has become one of SoCal’s most beloved festivals. It debuted back in 2013 as a weekend long experience where party-goers could stay at the Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs while enjoying poolside performances. Since then the festival has grown to takeover two more resorts including The Renaissance and Margaritaville. Its three stage expansion eventually led it to become a two, and later three weekend event as of last year.

It is absolutely thrilling to see a festival grow to this size. Not only does is have the capacity to host more fans, but the majority of fans tend to come all three weekends because they cannot get enough of it. We are gonna share some of our favorite acts that will be performing this upcoming weekend.

Tickets for Splash House August Weekend 2 Are Still Available Here

  1. OMNOM

Hailing from Los Angeles, OMNOM is no rookie when it comes to weekend benders in the desert. He was originally at the forefront of 808 heavy house music when it shook the foundation of dance music. Luckily he has continued to show his many hats through a variety of styles including DnB, future funk, and deep tech.

  1. VNSSA

Another legend from the LA dance scene, VNSSA is the queen of the unexpected. Her production style continues to shift and morph each year. Similar to her releases, VNSSA’s sets encapture everything we love about dance music. She knows how to work a crowd and never gets stuck in a certain genre. She loves crossing boundaries and bringing positive vibes to any dancefloor she graces. We are crazy excited to see the energy she will be bringing to the colorful Saguaro resort.

  1. Kyle Watson

Kyle Watson has had a monumental career in music with a bass heavy style of tech house that pushes boundaries of sound design and melodic structure. He originates from South Africa and is a true treasure of an artist to have touring the states. We have waited a long time for his return to Palm Springs and we know his USB is packed with mind melting tunes that we have yet to hear.

  1. Air2Earth

We don’t know much about Air2Earth other than it is the house project of Porter Robinson. Someone who would usually be headlining festivals across the globe has decided to bless our ears with his take on house music at the kick-off afterhours party at the Air Museum on Friday night. It will truly be an insane way to start the weekend.

  1. Mindchatter

Mindchatter is a force to be reckoned with. His style of indie dance music incorporates everything from analog house to disco rock. Anyone who is a fan of blog house, french house, and all styles of indie music will surely be impressed at what he brings to the table during his DJ set at the Margaritaville this weekend.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for this weekend! We will see you all there.

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