21 Moments That Defined Daily Beat's Weekend At Veld

August 12, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

Last weekend in Toronto, Daily Beat took a impromptu road trip to cover Canada's premier summer electronic music festival, Veld. Over the weekend, we covered a wide variety of music and artists, including: Krewella, Dillon Francis, Above & Beyond, Jacque Lu Cont, Dada Life, and Toronto's own Deadmau5 to name a few. We couldn't appreciate more the warm welcoming that Ink Entertainment and our Canadian neighbors gave us during the weekend. After a whopping 20+ hours of travel, 3,000+ pictures sifted through, and post veld depression, the memories from the weekend live on. Here are our top 21 defining moments from the festival. What are yours?

party's here
Veld kicked off when the first thing we saw walking in was a sign that said, "Party's Here."

It didn't take long to spot our friend, @astro_raver and his giant Kaskade head.

The glorious view from the pit of Krewella's fans. .

If our lens had a soul, Yasmine was pointing into it.

Dillon Francis fandom came out in force, trolling and repping DJ Hanzel signs, too giant cardboard Dillon heads and clothes.

DJ Hanzel going vun deeper.

Canada's welcoming party.

Steve Aoki did his longest throw to date, 80ft. If you missed the awe inducing cake throw, click, here.

Representing America under the sunset sky of Kaskade's set.

After getting my attention with their amazing Above & Beyond sign, Olivia, Cole and I traded kandi. Read their Above & Beyond experience on Tumblr, here.

Above & Beyond using technology as they do best: explaining to the audience the progression of music, and how we are in fact the electronic music generation.

The girl that captured our hearts with her sassy, indirect photo shoot with us, and the cover page to Daily Beat's Facebook page.

Experiencing that is Jacques Lu Conts' music, as well as his shirt with a uncanny resemblance to his face.

Veld did a great job with the set up of the stages - just the right amount of distance between the Bacardi and Mainstage. Each stage was in it's own little world, avoiding any and all distractions from anything outside that world.

Sometimes you have to get really into your performance. Showing his true colors of his distinctive sound, Madeon's first live debut of his newest song, Technicolor left the audience wanting more.

The S.S. Dada's life was shorter than that of the Titanic, but boy did everyone enjoy the banana crew rocking the thing.

The view of Dada (my) Life before sharing more blow up bananas and bottles of champagne than you can count on both your hands and toes.

Thank you Canada for indulging my taste buds this weekend with poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy). I still have cravings.

Deadmau5 unveiling the robotic and always unique mau5heads, clearly showing us why he was crazy enough to make them!

With mau5heads everywhere on the weekend, one can probably thank @davstr85 for making most.

The media house mafia. From left to right: AcousticSpace.tv, brtblackman and @sweatersss

Photo Credit: Ryan Farber

Enjoy photos from both days of the festival in clickable links below:
Veld Day #1 & Veld Day #2


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