10 Things You Didn't Know About Pegboard Nerds

September 11, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

This Scandinavian duo composed of Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg, and better known as Pegboard Nerds, hit Electric Zoo Labor Day weekend, turning the Hilltop Arena into the zoo it was inevitably meant to be with their Dubstep bangers, causing a non-stop mosh pit. Before the havoc ensued, we got the chance to sit down and find out some interesting facts about them (and one about Paul Van Dyk) that you would have never known otherwise, including their favorite people in the whole world, their first albums bought, and a couple amazing new collaborations they're working on!

Daily Beat: This is not your first Electric Zoo. How do you plan on making this one special?

Pegboard Nerds (Michael): Actually playing, That would be good because we didn’t play last year.

Daily Beat: Aww you guys were set to play on Sunday!

Pegboard Nerds (Alex): Yeah, we got to the airport after a 5-hour flight…

Michael: And we were so excited and then we got a call from our manager.

Alex: I could just see his face drop. It was cancelled.

Daily Beat: What did you guys do instead?

Michael: Actually went to the hotel and we arranged a really spontaneous warehouse party in Brooklyn. It was fun, and then we invited DANK, KDrew, a lot of people… Subset.

Daily Beat: So this will be your first E Zoo then! That’s exciting!

Alex: Our 4th gig in New York.

Daily Beat: Yeah, I saw you guys at Webster Hall in April, right after Miami Music Week.

Alex: Yep, and we played at Terminal 5 with Griz.

Daily Beat: Ahh he plays shortly after you today!

Alex: Yeah, it’s us, Keys ‘N Krates, and then Griz.

Daily Beat: Awesome. So what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Mainly you, Alex, since Michael doesn’t have much hair.

Alex: Whatever is available.

Michael: I use Moroccan Oil.

Daily Beat: You do?

Michael: Yeah

Alex: Yeah, he uses more hair products than I do! (Laughs)

Michael: And I have no hair!

Daily Beat: Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

Michael: Mine is Alex.

All: Aww!

Daily Beat: How are you going to follow that up?!

Alex: I can’t say Michael now.

Michael: Let me rephrase that: My kids.

Alex: My kids, as well.

Daily Beat: How many kids do you have?

Alex: Two

Michael: Two

Daily Beat: Miss them?

Alex: Well…

A&M: not yet. (Laughs)

Daily Beat: How old are they?

Michael: Mine are 3. They are twins.

Alex: Mine are 5 and 7.

Daily Beat: Do you plan on getting them into music?

Alex: Actually they are quite… Well I’m not going to force it on them, but they are both getting very interested just by looking at me. The oldest one, she has her own laptop and she asked me to install my music software on it, so she’s been playing around with it. But, I would never force it. I’d support it if they want to.

Daily Beat: Have they been to any of your shows?

Michael: No, not yet.

Alex: We’ve actually wanted to bring them but every time we want to bring them it’s like a 21 and older club. So it’s hard to get them in.

Daily Beat: If you were stranded on a desert island for a year, what are 3 things you would bring with you?

Alex: Is there power there?

Daily Beat: No.

Michael: Okay, I would bring an infinite power source, a laptop, and a Wi-Fi connection. (Laughs)

Alex: I can’t beat that.

Daily Beat: Very dependent on your power then!

Alex: Oh yeah. Every time I walk into a room I’m looking around for the outlets.

Michael: Just scan the room for power and check if there is free Wi-Fi.

Alex: I think that goes for every DJ.
Daily Beat: What’s your favorite color?

Michael: Blue

Alex: Hmm I don’t know… Red.

Michael: Yeah, you like the reds.

Daily Beat: Would you let me dye your hair that color?

Alex: Ummm… You know who had really red hair for many many years, like that sign (Points to exit sign)?

Daily Beat: Who?

Alex: Paul Van Dyk.

Daily Beat: Wow! Did not know that!

Alex: Yeah, in the 90’s. Like, shocker red.

Daily Beat: If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be?

Alex: The Simpsons.

Daily Beat: Ahh! Good answer, I like that!

Alex: Days of our Lives. (Laughs)

Michael: Then you’d need the red hair!
Daily Beat: Soap star huh?

Alex: I just think that show is so hilarious.

Michael: It’s never ending.

Alex: It never fuckin’ ends.

Michael: I think that and The Simpsons are fighting to be the longest running show.

Alex: It’s going to sound like I’m actually watching it but I’ve noticed that you can skip by and cheat…

Michael: You can go 5 years and still follow along.

Alex: You can still follow the story line like, oh yeah ‘they’re still fighting’…

Daily Beat: So you do watch it? Guilty pleasure?

Alex: (Laughs)

Daily Beat: What’s the first album you bought with your own money?

Michael: Mine was a band from New York, from 1989. You can take a guess. I remember the vinyl. It was a double cover, had a picture of an airplane, maybe you know it. One of the guys died recently. 3 white rappers… We sampled them in a track, “New Style.”

Alex: I think you’re just going to have to tell them.

Michael: Beastie Boys!

Daily Beat: AHH!! Nice, that’s a good one. What about you, Alex?

Alex: I think I bought a compilation called Ravermeister.

Michael: Was it Ravermeister? Or Ravemission?

Alex: Ravemisson! Ya, Ravemission. Which he (points to Michael) definitely had some tracks on. But that was like 10 years before I met him.

Daily Beat: How did you guys meet?

Michael: Alex won a remix competition for Above & Beyond in…

Alex: 2004

Michael: In 2004, and I heard the remix and thought ‘wow, that guy’s good.’ Called him up…err... sent him an email, wanted him to do a remix for a project I had at the time, and yeah, we started working and we’ve been married ever since. (Laughs)

Daily Beat: Aww!

Alex: So, yeah, it turns out he made a lot of tracks that I used to listen to back in the day.

Daily Beat: And how was that for you?

Alex: It was weird because when he emailed me I was like ‘No! Really?! What?’ And I looked it up and I was flying! I felt honored.

Daily Beat: That’s so great! So, do you guys like to cook at all?

Alex: Yes we do! We actually do a lot of cooking classes on Snapchat.

Daily Beat: No way! I need to follow you guys cause I suck at cooking!

Alex: Yeah, you should!

Daily Beat: What do you guys cook?

Alex: I think we’re…

Michael: We’re pasta guys. (Laughs) We’ve been doing a shit load of different pastas.

Alex: I think everyone thinks we’re pasta guys.

Michael: But you know, everything from steaks to salmon…

Alex: And chicken

Michael: All kinds of stuff. Oh! Thai food! We love that.

Daily Beat: Yumm!! Do you guys have any pets?

Michael: I used to have a cat and a dog but not anymore. Traveling too much.

Daily Beat: You had to get rid of them?

Michael: Now my sister has them.

Daily Beat: It’s got to be hard for an artist to have pets with all the traveling.

Alex: And kids (laughs)

Michael: But you can’t give those away.

Daily Beat: Okay, last one guys! If you could pick any two DJ’s to be your parents, who would they be?

Alex: (Laughs) DJ’s for parents?!

Daily Beat: Okay how about any two artists…

Alex: They have to be artists, right?
Daily Beat: Yeah.

Michael: Do they have to be a plausible age?

Daily Beat: Nope, they could even be dead!

Michael: Okay, so you can choose Paris Hilton. (Looks at Alex)

Alex: (Laughs) Dude I don’t know! That would be… that would be great.

Michael: I would choose Madonna and Fat Boy Slim.

Daily Beat: I like that!

Alex: That would be crazy.

Michael: And Fat Boy Slim because he’s probably the DJ in the world that knows the most about music. He would know everything.

Alex: I don’t know. No idea

Michael: He would like... Mumford and Sons.

Alex: Yeah, I really like them.

Michael: You want to BE one of the Mumfords. You would want to be one of the sons.

Alex: There we go.

Michael: Funny Question.

Daily Beat: Okay, this is really the last one. What’s next for you guys?

Alex: We have a couple of collaborations going on.

Daily Beat: Can you say with whom?

Alex: One of them is a track with Cash Cash. They’re from here.
Daily Beat: Yep! They’re killing it right now. They’re doing really well.

Michael: It’s coming out soon.

Alex: In September I think. And the other one, I’m not sure if we can talk about the other one, or the two other ones.

Michael: Um, we have one with Destroid.

Daily Beat: (Gasp) That’s going to be amazing!! OMG!

Michael: That’s all I can say. Actually we just have to finish it. (Laughs)

Michael: There’s also an anniversary track coming out.
Daily Beat: Anniversary track?

Alex: Yeah, on Monstercat.; a collab between us and a couple other Monstercat artists.

Michael: But other than that, we’re just on our Uncaged Tour until Mid November.

Daily Beat: Awesome! Well thanks for talking with us today and we cant wait to see you later on at Electric Zoo!


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