10 Reasons To Love Lightning in a Bottle

June 4, 2022 -

Celeste Olvera

Lightning in a Bottle is a music festival and an immersive 5-day camping experience that revolves around a phenomenal lineup of music, but that certainly isn’t the only reason why this event is so spectacular and one-of-a-kind.

The festival began back in 2004 in Central California and returned for its first edition after a two-year break from the pandemic at Buena Vista Lake in Bakersfield, CA.

photo by: @divisuals

Beginning on Wednesday the 25th of May and lasting until Sunday, the 29th, Lightning in a Bottle was the ultimate gathering as attendees of all ages came together to enjoy the high spirits that the festival cultivates, and the continuous excitement for the unexpected adventures that await each day.

There’s an encouragement to get lost in the activities that are held at Lightning in a Bottle, as there’s much ground to explore from art, educational panels, yoga, and so much more.

With the unforgettable, satisfactory taste that Lightning in a Bottle leaves in your mouth, here are 10 reasons why Lightning in a Bottle is a festival we love.

photo by: @ericallenphoto

Starting your day off with a great yoga session guided by carefully curated professionals in the yoga community is an ideal way to spark your LIB spirits. Grab a yoga mat or towel and through breathing exercises and guided stretches, this is a great way to release tensions caused by the previous night’s dancing, or from built-up stress. These sessions occur throughout the day, so if you’re not an early bird, there’s a good chance you can squeeze some meditation practices into your day.

One of the most eye-catching factors that make Lightning in a Bottle as unique as it is, is its stage designs. This isn’t your average mainstage- huge metal structures with an array of lights decked overhead with co2 cannons and strobe lights shining. Each stage at LIB is engineered beautifully. Geometric shapes of canopies lie overhead, creating chapel-like or whimsical shapes – adding to the ethereal experience of the festival. The Beacon and the Woogie are two staples that will leave you in awe as you dance under their grand, colorful structures.

Every corner of LIB grounds has some sort of art aspect to it. Whether you run into an artist sharing their talents through live paintings, disco balls in trees, a geometric jungle gym for ariel dancers and the like, lampshades hanging in trees, a black-light themed area, fire performers, and so much more – your eyes won’t ever settle on one spot.

photo by: @y.s.a

Remove yourself from the festival world and get lost in the beauty of Buena Vista Lake. Grab your swimsuit, a floatie, kayak, or paddleboard, and make your way to the water to cool down from the California heat. The lake is open to swimming at all times during the festival unless indicated by the LIB crew. This is the best way to soak up the picturesque landscape that the venue holds, and a great way to soak up some sun.

Roam into the themed settings of LIB, as there is a hidden movie theatre behind what looks like a video store, a mini cabin-like intimate disco room along the lake, an under the sea themed walkway with fish, mermaids, seaweed, and other sea creatures greeting you throughout the way, and even a grand arch with gradient lights that hang overhead in which you can sit under and melt in awe to, right near the Lightning Stage.

photo by: @divisuals

LIB is a 100% camping festival, which makes this gathering an even more intimate experience. Camping options for glamping, RV camping, or tents are available for attendees to choose from. Personalities of camps shine through with the customization of flags and tapestries, hangout spots, renegades, and much more.

This allows for easy accessibility to and from the festival gates. Deciding to take a quick disco nap between sets, returning back to camp for a drink or two, or an outfit change is a nice option to have. The campgrounds are huge though, so it is important to consider coming early to land a great spot and to minimize your walk!

Going green and doing your part for the earth is heavily encouraged at LIB. Sustainability is heavily enforced on LIB grounds and encouraged to carry on into our daily lives. Everyone does their part to make sure that trash isn’t left behind during a day’s worth of dancing.

Each day, attendees help throw trash away as soon as the night comes to an end, and recycling is heavily encouraged as well. From organizing waste, the production of the stages, free water, and a leave-no-trace behind rule on campgrounds, LIB is one of the festivals that is a green success.

From cooking lessons, ecological classes, flow art classes, and even arts and crafts seminars – there is much to learn at LIB! Get hands-on and make your own pasties, learn about your senses and how they are useful in the kitchen, or learn about the westernization of yoga practices, psychedelics, and more! There are new things to tap into each day at LIB, take a seat and expand your mind.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any more fun, there’s a roller-skating rink at LIB! Bring your own skates or rent a pair and do some laps with friends and get lost in the groove of skating alongside newbies and pro skaters.

photo by: @divisuals

At LIB, there is music of all styles for everyone. From techno, melodic techno, breakbeats, dubstep, trap music, R&B, house music, and more – there are many underground and established names on the lineup that make this festival even more of a treat to explore.

Wandering between stages will have you grooving along to an artist you’ve never heard before, or catching a rare act you’ve been itching to see! There’s no niche here, every genre is welcome!

Lightning in a Bottle remains one of the most unique festivals to exist, as there are many factors that keep this lively festival thriving. The all-age event is kid-friendly, even allowing children to have fun amidst this jungle of wonder and adventure.

photo by: @mikeeekimchi

If you’re looking for a festival that expands beyond a musical lineup and allows for self-discovery and an escape in nature- consider attending Lightning in a Bottle in 2023, especially as the DoLab celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Sign up for early access to Lightning in a Bottle 2023 passes here.


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