What So Not, RL Grime and Skrillex – Waiting


What So Not, RL Grime and Skrillex – Waiting

If any of you keep up with RL Grime, Skrillex or What So Not, you know that you have been waiting for a solid two years for this song. And what other appropriate way to name their new release Waiting? I couldn’t think of a more fitting track title.

This collab was a match made in heaven. It starts off with distorted vocals accompanied by a looming melody playing in the background. It then builds up with a steady beat, and right before the drop, there is a drowned out laugh and three impacting sounds resembling that of something a laser might make shooting rays. At this point, you’ve transcended into a massive drop that you know you have heard before somewhere, and you probably have considering the artists had been touching up this track while also playing it in sets for a long time. The track seamlessly accentuates elements from all three producers while also reflecting sounds that none of us have heard before. All of the minuscule components under each layer of this song come together and make you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster that is not slowing down anytime soon.

Make sure you touch base with all three of these artists. I can only imagine what wild new work they have coming our way.

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