Toolroom Records Goes Back To Its Roots With #RESET


Toolroom Records Goes Back To Its Roots With #RESET

I believe there’s a crucial time and place for anyone or anything to start over – to simply press #reset. The time has come for the award-winning Toolroom Records to design a brand new look for itself where head honcho Mark Knight will lead the way. After ten phenomenal years, MK wishes to prolong Toolroom’s domination by creating both a fresh look and an even stronger credibility dubbed “#RESET.” It’s only logical for a group of accomplished individuals to feel a desire for improvement and the only ethical thing to do next would be to share the excitement with devoted fans!

Toolroom is home to several incredible producers but only two, in addition to Mark, were selected to define the grand #RESET of this influential record label. South America’s tech house virtuoso Adrian Hour and London’s house music maestro Weiss, will stand with Knight to represent the beginning of another prosperous decade. As a result of this celebration they’ve constructed an essential album that symbolizes the evolving sound, developing talent, positive energy and continued success that all of TR’s artists bring to the table each year. Help make this vision a reality and become a key part of their next step to greatness.

Pre-order “Toolroom Live – 01” on iTunes now or wait for its official release, September 15th!

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