Foo Fighters – Best of You (Sweekuh Remix) [DOWNLOAD]


Foo Fighters – Best of You (Sweekuh Remix) [DOWNLOAD]

Sweekuh has done it again. Beacon Records‘ very own Sweekuh released his brand new track “Best of You” on SoundCloud two days ago. You may be thinking a remix of a Foo Fighters song is different and a little odd – and you’re right, it is! But who better than Sweekuh to take something different and mix in his own familiar flare to create an amazing piece of music!

To learn more about Sweekuh, check out Daily Beat’s write up “SPOTLIGHT: Sweekuh”


Sweekuh takes the original Foo Fighters “Best of You” and turns it into a “Tiesto arm raising” track. For this remix, Sweekuh steered away from heavy drums and hard bass and focused on classic house sounds with uplifting progression. One thing to note about this talented up and coming young music producer is his depth. Unlike some young producers who stick to one sound, Sweekuh draws inspiration in from all different places, for example a Foo Fighters song, to bring exciting and surprising tracks to his listeners and fans. For this track specifically, Sweekuh focused on the lyrics and when listening to the track, it sounds like the lyrics may have given him the inspiration behind the remix.


“Best of You” (Sweekuh Remix) – The Foo Fighters has a soothing feel and being able to sing along to the lyrics, with the uplifting house sounds, this track is definitely a crowd pleaser and caters to all music lovers!

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