Lately I have been letting my musical intake run wild. I had focused much of my time in the past on specific genres, particularly the ones that I was producing or performing. Thankfully, as of late I have been introduced to so many more eclectic styles of electronic synthesis. I’ve come to appreciate the fact that there is more than just “four-on-the-floor” or the two-step breakdown. Songs that groove and have that “weird” quality stand out, and I’m a sucker for something that breaks the norm.

Allow me to introduce you to Bridges, a producer new to the scene of electronic, but full of musical prowess and experience. Delving into the ambient and experimental, this University of the Arts student has created a variation of different genres from around the world in each of his individual tracks, finding inspiration from classic rock, Middle Eastern and Indian sitar style, with a twist of the garageband grunge.

I have to say that when I see young producers eager to find a sound and send it off into the interweb, it gives me a lot of faith in the direction that electronic music is going. In my belief, this is the way to fully encompass the whole purpose of creating music, and when one thinks of it, everyone starts somewhere. Back in the day, you got an instrument and you practiced it. Today, you get a computer, download some production software, and attempt to learn the insanity that is making music on a DAW. What I truly enjoy about producers like Bridges is the fact that instead of jumping strictly in the electronic, he instead builds off of what he knows, incorporating instrumental ingenuity and tying it in beautifully with his rising knowledge of audio engineering. I’m anxious to see where he takes it! ‘Til next time!

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