Smoothie Saturdays: Tune Into a Lineup of Female Badass-ery


Smoothie Saturdays: Tune Into a Lineup of Female Badass-ery

The team behind Smoothie Tunes circle a hopeful path around independent up-and-comers, keeping their ears peeled for the next big thing to rise. Over the last year, the blog has helped to foster the careers of countless musicians through interviews and showcases. Intrigued? Drink, dance, and explore new jams at the organization’s recurring event at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, Smoothie Saturdays. Smoothie Tunes’ next showcase will feature a female-centric line-up this Saturday, December 5th. Purchase tickets here.

Rightly named The Female Focus, this weekend’s event brings to you the sounds of Gooddroid, Moistbreezy, Delanie, Momo, Blonde Maze, Life Size Maps, and Cafuné.


Moistbreezy’s tunes set you off in a digital landscape littered with layers of ethereal vocals and sounds, like a brisk wind blowing through the atmosphere. Enjoy her remix of Major Lazer’s “Lean On.”


Delanie produces tracks to get you through another level of introspection, with beats curiously laced with a pinch of hard-edged soul. Here’s “Her,” an intriguing production that seems to sweep and envelope you from a careful distance.


Get caught up in this future trap mini-mix by Momo.

Blonde Maze

Fall into benzo bliss with Blonde Maze. Her tracks mimic that last bit of honey dripping from its spout. Close your eyes, dream, let reality fade away… and listen to the lo fi-embracing “Letters I Never Send.”

Life Size Maps

The four-member outfit identify their music as glitch pop: with tracks of endless upbeat melodies, spicy synths, and witty lyrics, Life Size Maps is setting Brooklyn ablaze. Think of this year’s answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Passion Pit, whose producers each had a hand in mastering “Strange Obsession.”


Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo make sweet melodies together. Their original track “Fall Asleep Slow” takes center stage, but let’s not forget their saucy renditions of “Hotline Bling” and “Sad Machine” (streaming below).

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