David Bowie’s Fame Gets Reworked Into Disco Glitch Funk


David Bowie’s Fame Gets Reworked Into Disco Glitch Funk

In light of rock legend David Bowie’s passing, we recently came across a phenomenal rendition of his track Fame from Roman Perry and Clans. Whereas the original track was released in 1975 and performed as a mid-tempo funk jam, these guys have reworked it into a futuristic disco driven glitch-hop banger and we cannot get enough of it.

The track is layered with glistening elements of funk, like in its twangy guitar licks, but brought into a futuristic realm with its dirty basslines and edgy drum production. Somehow the characteristics of the trashed bass and white noise-hits perfectly compliment the smooth energy of Clans’ verses. The bass fluctuates between a grimey-glitch hop sound into something more analog and arpeggiated, which adds a sort of 80’s club feel to the track. Ideas and sonic textures are all over the board with this but it comes together with a consistency that feels almost too good to be true. Most importantly, this one definitely hits the bar through its creativity as a modern dance track without veering too far from the original energy of master Bowie.


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