Review: Erich Mrak – “Drive”


Review: Erich Mrak – “Drive”

Atmosphere and vibe have a lot to answer for when reviewing a song like Erich Mrak’s latest single “Drive”. The arrangement may be sparse, but the excellent synth and guitar delay instrumentation drive things on in an interesting and dreamy direction that is far from cookie cutter.


“Drive” uses deceptively simple imagery to paint lyrics using broad strokes. Rather than tell a story using a narrative “Drive” conveys pure mood through its text. This melancholic number has too much hope to be a breakup song and too sad to be a love song, so Mrak got what he was aiming for. “ There are love songs, there are breakup songs, and then there is what comes between.”

My only gripe with this track was its mix. In 2019 it’s never been more important to have a commercially competitive mix. If your song doesn’t at least compete with everything else on the radio then audiences will overlook even the best new music and this is my fear with this track. The music is there, but sadly the production prevents it from reaching new heights.

Take a listen to “Drive” below:

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